Using Tech to Lower Business Expenses and Increase Revenue

Tech is a beautiful thing. And for small business owners, it can be downright life-saving. As we all know, cash flow is always a concern with small businesses, and it’s near impossible to make money if you don’t have the money to make it. That’s why we think this post on how technology can help you grow your business is right up your alley. Here are the ways you can use technology to lower your expenses and increase your revenue in the meantime.

Reduce costs with online banking

You can save time and money by doing all of your banking online. Plus, many banks offer special services just for business owners, such as joint accounts that allow you to pool resources to reduce fees and enjoy the benefits of multiple people with authority over the account. You can also access these accounts online, which can save time.

Save time and money with mobile banking

Banks have made it easy for companies to offer mobile banking. Some offer free checking and debit card services, and others provide direct deposit, bill pay, loan payments, mortgages, or other services. This may be the easiest way to keep track of your business finances on the go.

Reduce costs with automated email marketing

Automated email marketing is an effective way to promote your business while lowering expenses at the same time. A typical customer spends around three minutes reading an email. Suppose you can attract their attention for even a minute or two; you save money on advertising in other channels. Email marketing also allows you to build relationships with your customers, which will help you sell more in the long run.

Capture customer data

An online survey can help your business stay ahead of the competition by finding out what problems your customers are running into. The more information you have, the better you can improve your product and marketing efforts. Plus, surveys can help you record customer perceptions about your business, which is a great way to enhance your image with potential customers.

Invest in business software

There are some great tools out there for small businesses that can save time and money. For example, invoicing software like QuickBooks saves you lots of time and money in accounting, tax preparation, forecasting, and creating financial reports. Software like QuickBooks also helps you grow your business by allowing your team to focus on higher-level tasks such as customer service, sales, and marketing rather than on mundane accounting.

Recruit the right people

Use the Internet to find out who is looking for a job in your industry. Instead of spending money on traditional print ads, send out an email to those prospects that meet an open position. This type of campaign costs very little and can be highly effective.

Negotiate more effectively

In many instances, you can use software to help negotiate with suppliers. It’s especially true if you’re selling an immense amount of product. It’s not unlike how healthcare consulting services help hospitals negotiate better contracts by using sophisticated software. In most instances, the final agreement is something that enables both sides to benefit.

Create a website

A website can be cost-effective for your business in more ways than you might think. Use it to promote your products and services, communicate company news, offer coupons, receive customer feedback and even provide training. While you can start a website with minimal effort, it will take time for people to find and visit your website. We recommend that you start slowly and build demand for your product or service before putting more of your company’s marketing budget toward a website.

Start a blog

A blog is an effective way to reach potential customers for free. By writing informative content about the business from the customer’s point of view, you can communicate your company’s products and services in a way that helps people be more likely to buy them. And, since blogs are more personal than websites, they can be an excellent way to engage your customers.

Make customer service easier

Online chat software like live chat offers a fast and cost-effective way to give customers access to the information they need in real-time. You can also have customers send you questions through email to answer them in writing as soon as possible.


Concluding, installing more technology or gadgets in a business is a trend that all companies can take advantage of to increase their customer relationships and revenues. The growth of online marketing is one of the critical factors in contributing to increasing revenue and profitability.


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