Best Email Clients for Chromebook for Prompt Notifications

Checking emails is an inevitable part of both personal and professional life in today’s digitally connected world. However, with the rise of portable Chromebooks, finding an email client that reliably syncs messages and sends timely notifications can be challenging.

As a longtime Chromebook user, I was constantly frustrated by laggy mailbox refreshing when using the basic Gmail web app. Important emails would sometimes take hours to show up on my device. This was unacceptable for my work responsibilities which require prompt communication.

That’s why I embarked on a mission to find the best third-party email apps available on Chrome OS to keep my inbox in sync across all devices and ensure I never miss a message. After testing several highly rated options, I narrowed it down to 9 Best Email Clients for Chromebook that successfully solved my email notification woes.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss these top Chromebook email clients and share my experiences with their sync speed, notification settings, ease of use, and other features to help you stay on top of your emails no matter where business takes you.

Best Email Clients for Chromebook

Email applications are a lifesaver for people who communicate a lot. You have to make sure that you choose the right email application that will provide hassle-free services. Following are some of the best email options you can use for the Chromebook. Please read the below part thoroughly. It will be helpful for you.

#1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is one of the most trusted service providers around the globe. All of their services can be used without any doubt. Microsoft is one of its services that cater to the need to manage incoming and outgoing emails.

Some Features You Should Know

  • Microsoft Outlook is a mobile powerhouse of productivity. This email manager doesn’t only manage emails; it is known to have other functions too, such as web-browsing, calendaring, and task management.
  • The application is free to install and can be used on both iOS and Android.
  • Outlook gives an option to categorize the emails as per your communications automatically.
  • If you want to use Microsoft Outlook, you need to access Office 365 Suite or a Microsoft account.

#2. Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus is a unique email extension; it can read your email aloud without opening the email. It saves your time and offers instant email management. It is a power pack of customized features allowing you to add your voice as an email notification tune.

Some Features You Should Know

  • Checker Plus supports the offline view.
  • A feature of instant notification with real-time message reading is a hassle-free way to use email. It lets you read, listen, and delete the email easily.
  • It is a unique email application but easy to use, and there will be no learning curve while using it.
Checker Plus for Gmail™
Checker Plus for Gmail™
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

#3. Right Inbox


It is an email scheduling application that works to make your life easy. Right Inbox is rightly the most popular email application on the Chrome Web Store.

Some Features You Should Know

  • One of its kind, the right inbox, assists you in scheduling an email that has to be sent later.
  • The bonus is that there is a reminder option for you to set to not forget about the scheduled email and take a follow-up.
  • Automatic recurring email is another outstanding option offered by Right Inbox.

#4. Thunderbird


A top-notch email client provided by Mozilla Firefox, it is an open-source option that caters to multiple email accounts such as IMAP, POP, and GMAIL, etc.

Some Features You Should Know

  • It is an encryption tool that offers multi-level support to filter spam emails.
  • This email client can be accessed to the different channels to get in touch with multiple people.
  • The application allows Windows, macOS, and Linux users to send and receive emails on Chromebooks.
  • It is an advanced email client that supports Gmail, IMAP, POP, and etc. Thunderbird can organize dates, tags, groups, and folders of other emails.

#5. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang offers you a unique “send later” button to send emails at your desired time.

Some Features You Should Know

  • You can use the handy calendar or the text box to understand your language and send the command to Boomerang to send your mail.
  • It will also notify you as a follow-up.
  • It is a portable email partner; you can use it on iOS or Android.
Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang for Gmail
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

#6. Mailtrack


Mailtrack is a hassle-free email tracking option. You will be notified when the recipient opens the tracked email.

Some Features You Should Know

  • Mailtrack uses tracking pixels to make conversation realistic and reliable.
  • There will be two green checkmarks when the tracking is enabled.
  • It also gives you an option to disable the tracking.

#7. Hunter for Chrome


If you are looking for the email addresses associated with the website you are browsing, Hunter for Chrome is your go-to option.

Some Features You Should Know

  • It will instantly share a list of featured emails with you.
  • Hunter for Chrome will save you time and avoid the frustration of extracting emails from the website.
  • Extract email addresses anywhere from any website. It doesn’t only hunt the email addresses but all the public data, including names, designations, and contact details.
Hunter - Email Finder Extension
Hunter - Email Finder Extension

#8. Gmail


A widely used free email service for the Chromebook developed by Google.

Some Features You Should Know

  • It is the easiest to use and a simple email client for you.
  • It is available across your devices.
  • It helps you organize by sorting your emails and can be accessed by third-party programs.
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

#9. Taskforce


Another email client for Chromebook is Taskforce. There aren’t any mail tracking features like the above applications.

Some Features You Should Know

  • It turns your email inbox into a canvas for tasks and to-do lists.
  • With little effort, you can create forms right within your Gmail inbox, and then the forms can be shared between your contacts.
  • It is not only a time saver but an outstanding organizer.


Chromebook users can manage their email workflow with 9 clients that sync across devices, control alerts, and integrate with Chrome OS. These apps offer organizational and customization tools for different workstyles and communication needs. Chromebook users can avoid slow web apps or device refreshing by using a third-party client that simplifies workflow and boosts productivity.


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