How to Ensure Your Car is Protected in 2022 and Beyond

Your vehicle will be one of the most valuable possessions that you own. It might be used in your professional life, which means that it’s an essential asset for your work. It may be used daily to get your kids to school and to complete your daily commute, which means that doing without it could radically impact your routine. It may simply be a possession that you love, and that you expect to increase in value as time goes on. In any of these cases, it’s imperative that you protect your car as well as possible. This article will show you how.


There’s no doubt that the most common cost to motorists is maintenance. Besides an annual check, motorists will rarely take their vehicles to the garage unless there’s something demonstrably wrong with their car – and it’s often by this stage that the damage is done and the vehicle requires costly work to fix. If you can maintain your vehicle a little better, taking it in for regular services, you’ll likely avoid the most damaging and costly repair jobs.

Knowing which issues to look out for also helps. Your dash warning lights are, of course, an indicator that all is not well in your engine. The same can be said of leaks you spot under your parked vehicle, changes to the sound of the engine, or changes to the sensation of driving. Pay attention to these clues to avoid small problems escalating into costly repair jobs.


All vehicles are targets for thieves. Vehicle robbery remains a common criminal enterprise, and this is even more likely if your vehicle is considered to be highly valuable. As such, you should do all you can to protect your vehicle from theft, including parking it on a drive or in a garage at night and avoiding parking it in an area that you feel may be particularly risky. Extra security features, such as a steering wheel lock, will further deter would-be criminals.

Overall, it’s important that your car is always in public areas that are well-lit at night and, where possible, in view of a security camera. All of these measures, taken together, will significantly reduce the risk that your car will be stolen.


Whether you’re concerned about damage to your vehicle or its theft, you can always provide yourself with a financial safety net by acquiring an insurance policy that covers you for all manner of unfortunate eventualities. Here, it’s important to note that policies differ, with some only covering you for the cost of someone else’s vehicular repairs, while others cover your car and even its contents.

To explore these different policy options, you should speak with an insurance broker Gatineau so that you’re aware of the level of protection that you’ll receive from a wide array of insurance policies. Brokers will help you secure the best-value policy while also explaining to you in detail what each policy protects you against – and what they will not give you a payout for.


If your car is an investment and you expect it to appreciate in value in the months and years ahead, you should consider how you can maintain that value without putting it in jeopardy. For instance, the more miles that you do in your vehicle, the less valuable it’ll be. Meanwhile, if you leave your car outside and are exposed to the elements, the paintwork, and even the engine will eventually suffer from weathering. Be careful to protect your vehicle from these common issues if you’re hoping to make a profit from it in the future.

Make a note of these quick tips in order to ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected in the coming months and years.


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