Top Tech Innovations in Cars

Technology is shaping our lives—in ways that enhance security, safety, and communication. Driving has become the center of innovation. As cars become increasingly sophisticated, the act of driving is evolving to become ‘tech-enabled.’

This transformation is similar to what proactive business owners are experiencing in business innovation. As owners, we don’t rely on paper, products, or classic reporting. Instead, we use data visualization, safety alerts, security systems, and automation.

The Future of Ease

The best technology should make driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable. The technology needs to be intuitive and easy to use. If you are fighting with a new tech feature, you won’t be fully focused on the road.

Fortunately, car manufacturers know this. New technology promises exciting advancements to enhance the driver experience.

Here are a few of the top innovations that are shaping the future.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is an automatic system that activates your car’s brakes, helping you avoid or reduce the impact of an accident. According to the Kelley Blue Book, approximately 20 manufacturers have committed to making AEB a standard in vehicles, by September 2022.

AEB helps your brakes start working even faster than you could respond. It also helps your brakes apply more pressure and brake harder. This tech innovation could be one of the top priorities for safer driving.

Advanced Driver Alerts

Many car manufacturers are making features that help drivers respond to hazards, reduce fatigue, and reduce the stress of driving. A few of the most popular ones to look for are:

  • Adaptive cruise control. This is like the traditional cruise control feature, but with the bonus of adjusting to keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.
  • Lane change alerts. If you’ve ever drifted from one lane to another, you’ll wish you had this feature. It alerts you if your car is wandering into another lane.
  • Blind spot alert. This key feature alerts you when a car is in its blind spot.
  • Cross-traffic alert. This feature lets you know if there is cross traffic coming toward you. This is especially useful if you’re backing out of a parking space, driveway, or on a hidden curve.
  • Reverse brake assist. This sensor can stop your car to avoid an accident. If you’re backing up and it senses an object is behind you, you’ll stop to avoid an incident.

Connected Mobile Devices

Whether you are using your cell phone to communicate or check apps, drivers are notorious for using their phones while driving. It’s no surprise that tech innovation is focusing on maximizing smartphone capabilities.

Some manufacturers are focusing on extra security features such as unlocking or remotely locking your car from a smartphone. Others are connecting digital information to give you an accurate status check on tire pressure and fuel levels.

Connectivity gives you peace of mind with ultimate convenience. Imagine not having to climb out of your car to check the tire pressure or start the car.

If it’s a cold snowy morning, you’ll be thrilled to check your smartphone. It’s like having the air pressure gauge status at your fingertips. Just imagine the joys of sipping an extra cup of hot coffee before heading out to a warmed-up, fully started vehicle.

Connectivity is a game-changer.

Camera Systems

A built-in camera system can make sure you won’t hit things while parking, backing out, or easing out of a tight garage. If you have a large vehicle in a tiny spot, this is a wonderful feature.

A 360-degree camera can be very useful for getting in and out of tight garages or tiny parking spots. Not only can you keep your car free of dents and scratches, you just may save a bundle on parking tickets. You’ll never park ‘over-the-line’ again.

Tracking Software

Innovative technology is helping law enforcement to track down stolen vehicles, Many manufacturers are now including assistance and security software into their vehicles. This can help track down stolen cars, notify rescue services, and alert help to get to the exact location in times of emergency.

It’s great to see technology solutions to help drivers stay safe, secure, and connected.


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