How to Enter into The Most-Viewed Video List On Tiktok

How do you make a million dollars? The most intelligent answer to this question is: Work hard. The truth about TikTok videos is pretty similar. You need to post regularly and use the best active ingredients that can help you become a star, at some point. Can it happen right away? Becoming viral is indeed possible for anyone. But to make sure your chances are higher, follow the tips we are providing below.

Think differently but in a Similarly Visual Fashion

Why do videos become viral? Because they show something interesting, in a way that is unique. How many singing birds, for one go viral? Hundreds of thousands, maybe. But the one that does, will possess that “je ne sais quoi” that will get it to be shared over and over again, by TikTok users, and will enter into the most-viewed list. You can find some tips here based on the most-viewed TikTok posts of all time.

But although there is a need for that one spice that will make the recipe go viral, you still need for the presentation to be somewhat similar to others, visually speaking. If you stray too far apart, the cultural vision of the TikTok members will be left behind, and you won’t get to see your post-climb the ranks of fame, anytime soon.

Use Hashtags on Every Post

If you want people that don’t know you to watch your posts, you need to indicate to them what it is about. Otherwise, they will never find you in such a crowded space (over 600 million users daily). That is why you need to add as many hashtags as you can while remaining as precise as can be about the theme. If you just write #animals, it probably won’t get you the views you would receive, if you wrote down #singingdog or #racing monkeys. It is also a way for TikTok members not to be disappointed by your posts. Expectations can be a killer on this app. You can always use the trending hashtags, but it is a double-edged sword if you stray away from the subject.

Follow or create Photo Trends

Since the public is quite young on TikTok, its members tend to like everything that is trendy. That is why it is important to watch a lot of videos on TikTok, just to stay in the loop. Once you find a photo trend that could make sense for you and/or your brand, start using it while adding something unique to your posts. If you hit the right chord, you may end up with a gold mine of new followers.

To create your own trend, try to find special effects that can be applied to all of your photographs so that people get used to seeing them. If you made the right choice, copycats will come along, and you will have created your own.

Whatever you do, keep your videos short. Fifteen seconds is the average on TikTok, and you should definitely stick to this, if you want to climb into the most-viewed videos list, on this app.


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