How to Run Multiple Social Media Accounts Effectively with Proxy Servers

Social media networks are victims of their success. Because they thrive and earn revenue on company advertisements, they attract vigorous marketers who try to exploit the might of social media. More than 4.9 billion people use social media; the average user accesses over six platforms.

Companies try to utilize the power of social media to get more reach, find customers, and promote their brands. Let’s take a hypothetical case of a company with multiple brands that run campaigns and social media accounts on various platforms. The task of their social media manager is exceptionally challenging. While social media platforms invite brands and companies to spend time and budgets on their network, they also seriously limit the number of accounts allowed per IP address.

Social media platforms have limitations in avoiding spam and malicious content and trying to keep feeds with as much organic content as possible.

How to Avoid Social Media Bans and Restrictions

Marketers and social media managers are leveraging the power of social media platforms to their advantage. Still, too many Instagram accounts or suspicious traffic from a single IP address can activate anti-bot protection. An Instagram or TikTok ban during a social media campaign could be devastating for our fictional company.

Essential tools for advanced social media marketers are automation software for scheduling posts and scrappers to get valuable hashtags, photos, followers, and profiles. Such marketing savants often rely on proxy servers to avoid bans, account suspensions, or termination.

Proxies act as a middleman between your client device and destination servers. Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms won’t see your actual IP address, which can help avoid IP bans. This basic proxy functionality can also unblock your Instagram if your company network doesn’t allow social media platforms. The same applies if your region or country blocks Instagram and other social media platforms.

Which Proxy Server to Choose for Social Media Management

Selecting the perfect Instagram or TikTok proxy server depends on your needs. If you’re not over the account limits, data center proxies will do the trick. You can use private data center proxies for scraping accounts, which come with great speed and affordability.

Residential proxies are a step above because they have IP addresses from genuine Internet Service Providers. You will have to pay a bit more, but you will get more authenticity. The best way to use residential proxies is to choose rotating IPs, a service that will change your IP in intervals so that you don’t get banned because of suspicious bot activity.

Mobile proxies are the best choice for social media management because they have mobile IPs, which is the best choice as most social media like Instagram and TikTok are mobile-first. Because numerous mobile devices share the same IP address, getting bans or suspensions through mobile proxies is more challenging. Still, this service is expensive and not manageable if you need too many accounts.

What can you do with Proxies and Social Media Tools

One of the most basic use cases is managing multiple accounts. You will want to use automation if you have different brands under one company and need to account for each one on numerous platforms. To avoid potential problems with social media anti-bot protection, using a quality proxy server can immensely help your account management.

Scraping social media for quality hashtags, followers, and photos or videos is another everyday use case that can help marketers stay on top of trends and get better responses from social media users. Appropriate hashtags or trendy photos can be the difference between trending and irrelevance.

Managing numerous accounts with advanced automation tools can help build a substantial following, and followers are the most significant commodity on social media platforms. You will also need proxies to avoid bans and limitations social media places on users’ behavior, like too many comments, posts, and accounts.

Things to Consider

Even if you have the best software tools for managing social media accounts and use professional proxy servers, think about your actions and try to hide the classic bot behavior. With that said, use social media platforms as regular users would so schedule your actions in time frames, not through the entire day.

Don’t overdo the collection of followers because getting more than 1000 followers daily can’t be done organically so that you can be flagged.

Finally, regardless of your preferred software and proxy server, don’t go for free options because such solutions can often cause more harm than good. Paying for quality proxies will provide the service you expect without advertisement, sluggish performance, and banned IPs.


Effectively managing multiple social media accounts in a world with over 4.9 billion users poses challenges, especially with stringent platform limitations and the risk of anti-bot protections triggering bans.

Proxy servers are vital tools for social media managers, serving as intermediaries to shield actual IP addresses and facilitate seamless account management.

Whether opting for affordable data center proxies, authentic residential proxies, or mobile proxies for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the choice depends on specific needs.

Proxies not only aid in account management but also empower marketers with scraping capabilities for staying ahead of trends. Prudent usage, normal user behavior, and avoiding free proxies contribute to a successful campaign. Investing in quality proxies ensures performance and security, making them essential allies in conquering challenges and maximizing digital presence.


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