15 Best iPhone Emulators for Windows Pc | Run iPhone Apps on PC

If you have iPhone and Windows 8, 7, and 10 on pc so it’s very hard for you to do data entry work or any other work through iPhone and windows pc. So no worries here are the best emulators for you. You can run Pokémon Go and PUBG easily by using emulators. Most of the emulators’ apps are free but some need monthly payment but is not a big deal when you are using Apple apps in your ordinary computer windows.

Here we discuss the best iOS emulators for PC and laptops to run Windows by using them you can enjoy your desired games and many iOS apps.

What is Emulator actually?

Before going to know about the best emulators it is very important to learn what are emulators actually are. Emulators are software programs and hardware devices that allow one computer system to copy the functions of another computer system.

The first computer system is called the host computer system while the other one who is copied by the first one is called the guest computer system and all this process is possible by the use of an emulator. The host computer system is allowed by the help of an emulator to run all the apps of guest computer systems like software, tools, and peripheral devices.

How the Emulator Works

With the help of different software and hardware emulators is useful to create the original computer environment in any device it’s very difficult but once it’s created it is very useful.

Emulator vs stimulators

Emulators are virtual programs that are used to create different environments than the native OS of the device an iOS emulator for Windows has been developed as an iOS environment for running Apple apps and Windows PC. Stimulators also provide the same OS environment but they are failed to create the exact copy of hardware required to run Windows as created by eliminators. so people prefer emulators for Windows to run iPhone apps on PC.

Best iPhone Emulators for Windows Pc

If you want to know about the best emulators for Windows PC and you want to run iPhone apps on pc then these are the best emulators for you.

#1. APP.iO


It is the best iOS emulator in the market. Its biggest advantage is that it is very basic and easy to use and easy to negotiate. But it is too slow an emulator for PC. it takes almost half an hour to run or upload an app. it has a seven-day free trial if you are satisfied with its trial version and why are you waiting to go and use APP.iO emulators and run iPhone apps on PC? If you are satisfied with the trial you need to upgrade to the premium plan. It is developed on the basis of the cloud so you just need to syn the ios.appi bundle then you are ready to use it. its compatibility is Mozilla Firefox and Safari browser and its rating is 3.5 out of 5.




It is a great emulator and especially useful to construct native cross-platform iOS apps.it is used to run iPhone apps on Windows. If you want to try this emulator you can use its paid version or free trial version its paid version is almost 99 dollars. It is actually the alternative to ipadian. Its rating is 4 out of 5.

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#3. ipadian


It’s not wrong to say ipadian is the best emulator for Windows. it gives you feel like you are using an iPad on Android products. You can get Apple trademarks like TvOS, Siri, iMessage, and many more Apple fantastic features by using ipadian as an emulator for Windows. But it is not necessary that it will run every single Apple app on a PC. Its UL is very user friendly and ipadian is available totally free of cost you can use it freely and enjoy Apple apps on your PC. It is compatible with Mac OS and Linux and also with Windows. Its rating is 4 out of 5 which is very cool.

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It is the best Apple emulator for PC. It is very useful for app developers who want to develop cross-platform applications for Android phones.it is compatible do Mac, iPhone,iPad, and Windows. Its software can allow notifications similar to iPhone notifications. Xbox emulators are also good for computers you can enjoy beta apps by using this. Its rating is 3 out of 5.





It is actually the alternative to APP.iO. But trust me it is better the APP.iO you can use it free for the first 100 minutes of Use you have to pay 0.05 dollars every minute. With the help of this emulator, you can use iPhone and Android applications on cloud storage. For using this emulator you have to click on the official website of APPETIZE.IO then you have to upload the application file for your iOS or any smartphone. Then put your email address on the link which the app will provide you.

After this check your mail you will get a link in your mail section just click on the link and use APPETIZE.IO. it’s very important to mention its rating is 4 out of 5. You can monitor your usage through the dashboard and you can set alert signals through the dashboard when you use them above limits.

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#6. Air iPhone

Air iPhone

This type of emulator will create a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC so you can see the actual screen. Air iPhone also provides you the option of using Adobe Air framework which is very useful for the users you can download both Air iPhone and Adobe Air framework through their official website you must have to download the Air Adobe framework for the successful running of Air iPhone. Its ratings are 3.5 out of 5.



#7. Nintendo 3Ds Emulators

Nintendo 3Ds Emulators

if you are more interested in Apple gaming then Nintendo 3D emulators are the best for you. You can able to play good games on the Windows of your PC when you install this 3D emulator let me mention here it is the best emulator for playing 3D gaming the gaming quality will be very smooth and free of lagging. The most important thing is its rating is 5 out of 5. It is compatible with iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android.



#8. Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight

Its UL version is very user-friendly and you can easily install or download it through its official link. The most important thing is Apple corporation’s current owner of this eliminator. so Xamarin TestFlight is now an Apple product and can run any Apple app on Windows easily. This is the best iOS emulator for your PC it is very easy to operate. it will recommend you use it to run iPhone app on your PC. It is compatible with Mac and Windows and most importantly its ratings are 4.5 out of 5. You can consider it a free testing app provided by Apple corporation.

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#9. Electric mobile studio

Electric mobile studio

It is expensive emulator users have to pay for using it .it will do paid tasks to run iPhone apps on Windows but its output is of higher quality. it can run higher apps of iOS on PC.it use different coding languages to run Apple apps. it is a bit heavy and uses more Ram than other emulators. For using it you have to pay 39.99 dollars per month. This price is very high as I mentioned above the electric mobile studio emulator is quite expensive but I will offer you a 7-day free trial.it is compatible with Windows and its rating is 4.5 out of 5 it’s quite good.

#10. Ripple


Ripple emulator is mostly used by app developers they use it to develop new apps and test iOS applications.it is actually a Chrome browser-based extension you can use as an iOS emulator.it is a cloud base emulator it enables to run of ios1 to ios11 apps on any PC. its compatibility is google chrome and its rating is 4.5 out of 5. This emulator is very famous for testing HTML5 features or applications without passing through a thought process.

If you are using Ripple emulators then you don’t need to restart your computer when you connect with a new device this feature makes Ripple more popular and easy to use. Ripple provides developers with many features like HTML Don inspection, Automated Testing, and many more trademarks to develop new apps.

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#11. iOS stimulator in XCode

iOS stimulator in XCode

iOS simulator in XCode software is available on Mac so you can easily use iMessage, TvOS, and watchOS on Mac. Mac developers can test any new app through the iOS stimulator in XCode and they can reach safari as well. The great thing about this stimulator is it is free of cost.

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#12. IMAME emulator

IMAME emulator

it is a gaming emulator. Imame users can play and download each and every game on iPad and iPhone and play them on their PC. You can only play ios9 to iOS10 games by using imame. Just download it and enjoys all its trademarks of it. But it is not the best emulator in the industry you can play the game of two Apple iPhone versions Ios9 and iso10 only but smoothly. You can download imame from here .its rating is 3.5 out of 5.


#13. IDOS emulator

IDOS emulator

This emulator is quite easy to use by beginners. You can download it and use it for free but it has no updates in the future and no extraordinary feature if you want to give it a try then use it after downloading its rating is 2 out of 5 and it is compatible with Windows only.



#14. iPhone stimulator

iPhone stimulator

iPhone stimulator is a gaming emulator that provides all games of the iPhone in your computer s’ window with excellent graphics and better colors. The most exciting feature of the iPhone stimulator is it is actually free of cost you can just download it through its official website and enjoy iPhone games on your computer’s windows. Its compatibility is Windows and its rating is 4 out of 5.



#15. iPad stimulators

iPad stimulators

It is a Chrome browser extension. You can use it without any cost it creates a virtual clone of the iPad on your PC you can use the Apple applications through the iPad stimulator free of cost. it enables the user to drag and drop the APPLE applications from computer to iPad. But it is currently removed from the Chrome web store its rating was 4.5 out of 5 which was quite good.

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Advantages of using emulators

There are some advantages of using iPhone emulators to run iPhone apps on Windows and PC. iPhone emulators are able to run applications on more than one operating system like Androids, Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. Actually, an emulator was first developed to test apps and applications for the developer because they can run applications in more the one operating system.

The best trademark of iPhone and iPad emulators for Windows and PC is most of them are free of cost. You can download an emulator on your Windows PC and enjoy Apple apps and applications. And the most important thing is iPhone app emulator is user-friendly the is very easy to use and you can upgrade them by using SRK as well.


These are the best emulators for Windows 8,7,10 as mentioned all the features of these extensions are enough to choose which one is good for you and fulfills all your needs. These emulators are not enough to run all the IOs applications but you can download different emulators for different Apple applications on Windows. Let me clear one more thing actually the best eliminator is the one which can smoothly run all the apps of Apple in your computer window but it is not possible so I discuss so many of the best emulators.

If there is still any question let me know in the comment section and if I miss any emulator let me know also.


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