How Digital is France? Running a Digital Business in France

France is one of the leading European Union countries with a growing economy and some of the greatest digital business opportunities in all of the EU. It’s also one of the giants of the technology world, with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and a speedy rate of digitization. What is it like running a digital business in France nowadays?

The Digital Economy in France

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index 2022, France ranks 12th of all 27 member states of the European Union when it comes to human capital, connectivity, integration of digital technology, and digital public services. Over the last couple of years, France has been performing exceedingly well and showing rapid development, coming closer and closer to other digital front-runners.

Going forward, France plans to continue upgrading its nationwide network by implementing a national broadband plan with a target speed of 1 Gbps, widely available from any place within the country. Over 99% of households are now covered by 4G networks, and fiber technology continues to be rolled out in populated areas. As France gets more and more digital, businesses continue to flock to the country to take advantage of the growing market.

How to start an online business in France?

While there are technically no mandatory legal requirements before you can set up an online business, you have to pass a legal audit first. This audit primarily concerns your intellectual properties and whether you have all the rights and authorizations to run your business. You’ll also have to prepare all the necessary legal documents, including the terms of use of your website, terms of sales, privacy policy, and a disclaimer with all mandatory information.

Finally, you’ll need to comply with data collection laws if you’re collecting your customers’ data. You can register your business in person or by post. You do not have to be a resident or an EU citizen to become a French business owner – all you need is a business address in France. To reach your customers, you’ll also need to invest in digital marketing.

Promoting your digital business in France with SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of techniques and practices for setting up websites and creating digital content, meant to help websites reach top positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Companies like SmartWeb Group specialize in French SEO and French copywriting, delivering high-quality content, optimizing online resources, and helping reach target audiences and drive sales.

If you’re curious about what could be done to improve your website’s SEO score, SmartWeb Group offers a free SEO audit to reveal recommendations chosen specifically for your website, along with a quote and consultation session. SmartWeb Group works with native speakers and experienced SEO specialists and copywriters to provide internal and external optimization, set up a French link-building campaign, and continue to monitor and assess your website’s SEO.


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