6 Reasons Why Video Advertising Is the Future of Digital Marketing

Video content is now playing a significant role in marketing the products. Digital audiences prefer to watch video-on-demand rather than getting into a long text. A number of social media channels have optimized their platforms to support video clips, and this is how consumer engagement with the brand has increased, and it has manifold the power of video advertising.

According to the statistics, almost every digital marketer uses visual content to reach a larger audience. According to experts, videos are the best content plan with the best ROI. Videos embedded with the landing pages are more effective, and they directly convert the viewer into a potential buyer.

Plus, there are also shoppable videos that allow the viewer to tap or click on the product or service while watching that part in the video, and it provides them ample option to purchase their desired product without wasting time browsing that separately. Looking at all these aspects, one can say that video advertising is the future of digital marketing and it comes with a strong reason why businesses should invest in video marketing.

Here are the six reasons video marketing is the next big thing for marketing.

1. Video advertisement calls for the higher engagement rate

Video advertising comes with the fusion of several things that can impact a viewer in the long term. These things like video and audio. These two factors play a crucial role in forwarding the brand’s message through advertising. As a result, the engagement with the viewer increases.

Where image-based advertising relies on punctuation, copy, and the different types of visual images to deliver the message, video advertisements use sound and movement to attract the viewers’ attention.

This is the main reason why video advertising is an efficient and effective way to deliver the message to the targeted audience with a customized message that will suit them. The message can be louder, clear, and impactful using creativity and other visual effects. According to studies, viewers remember 95% of messages they watch compared to the mere 10% they read. So, transmitting the message through video advertising is an excellent decision rather than any medium.

2. Higher click-through rates

Videos are more potent in narrating appropriate stories than any conventional banner advertisement. This is why it earns better engagement rates and even receives more clicks than any other aspect of advertising.

According to the statistics, the click-through rate of video advertising is 7.5% higher than display ads. Facebook video ads play a pivotal role in engaging with audiences and using Online Video Editor, and these short ads can be created easily.

One thing is for sure making the video clips for advertising purposes takes a long time and needs technical expertise compared to any other things, but still, with the availability of various online tools, this task has been simplified. In this way, even a small business doesn’t have to spend more resources while creating these ads. It would be the right approach to tap more significant audiences without spending more on advertising costs.

3. Videos help to attain higher ranking in search engines

Like texts, video clips also include several keywords that directly connect with the business. Search Engines use various video metrics to rank these video clips, and one thing is for sure that significant search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing emphasize the video contents rather than the plain text contents.

Various metrics have been used to rate the video. Some of them are given below.

  • Longer viewer time demonstrates the quality and user engagement.
  • Interaction with the audience via comments.
  • The number of social shares
  • The number of subscribers.
  • The number of mentions.
  • Percentage of “watch later” occurrences.

Interactive videos are also top in popularity for their viewer-friendly content. These videos provide options for users to view according to their choice and wishes. This is also an excellent move to assist the viewers in engaging with the video content in a meaningful manner.

4. Videos drive more sale

The main objective of all types of marketing is to increase sales. One thing is to keep in mind that videos are mainly meant to provide thrust to the business, and slowly many brands realize this fact. Video advertising is the definite way to grab the maximum audience, and they are mainly made to meet this objective. According to market experts, if a brand engages with its audience through video advertising, it is unnecessary to spend resources on any other advertising method.

According to reports, most customers will admit that the brand’s social media presence has influenced their purchasing decision, and they are thoroughly convinced after watching the video advertisement.

5. Videos are easy to share

When videos are uploaded on various social media sites, they can be easily shared, an excellent advantage for the business. According to the study, videos on social media are shared 12 times more than plain text and images. When they are shared within the circles, they can be quickly circulated to various groups creating a chance for the brand to make the video content popular, and in this regard, there will be a potential customer base.

6. Video advertising dominates the online content

According to experts, the video will account for about 82% of internet traffic by 2022. It pushes forward that the videos will dominate the internet in the future. The more they dominate, the more they create room for the businesses to reach a higher audience.

Wrap up

The facts mentioned above inspire the business to invest in video advertising rather than any others. So, if the brands will invest in video advertisement, they will attain their business goals faster.

Viewers react positively to videos because of the look, sound, action, and high-quality experience they get while watching them. With more video apps arriving on the internet, the fight to capture consumer attention and keep users engaged has increased.


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