Why Your Digital Business Needs the VPN Protection

Did you know that in 2014 alone, about 700 million confidential data records were exposed? Security breaches are everywhere and aren’t only limited to private individuals who surf the internet or big organizations that keep records of confidential information.

So, if you run a digital business, hiding under the umbrella of a small-scale enterprise may not be safe enough. You see, hackers also target small businesses. They know these businesses don’t always take the necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety. After all, most people think it becomes impossible to breach your data once you choose a strong password.

However, that’s a misconception. Whether small or large scale, every business needs additional protection, mainly if you run your business online, as is the case these days. To ensure the maximum safety of your digital business, a VPN may be your best bet.

That’s why we recommend BlufVPN – it has several endearing features; for virtual or physical businesses that are small or large scale, private individuals, and just about anyone with a connection to the internet.

Please, read on to find out more reasons BlufVPN offers excellent protection for your digital business.

Six Reasons Your Digital Business Needs VPN

Here are six reasons your digital business needs VPN:

1. It protects your private correspondence

As a digital business, it’s almost impossible for you to avoid private correspondence. You can exchange personal information when marketing your products or services, when accepting orders, requesting client feedback, among many others.

During these private exchanges, there are also chances of information hacks. Internet service providers, the government, and private individuals can see these exchanges when looking. So, you can limit access to your correspondence to you and the other party, thanks to the AES-256-bit encryption BlufVPN offers you.

It sends your data through an encrypted tunnel that only you and the other party can access. The encryption is so strong that it would take an infinite number of guesses for anyone to break through the system.

2. It secures your IP address

Another way hackers breach private information is by monitoring your IP address. This address is the key to everything. Once an unauthorized person has access, they can find your physical location, device type, internet history, and current internet activities.

Technology has even advanced to the stage that an experienced hacker can mirror your device merely by using your IP address, which is why it’s usually best to keep it cloaked.

While BlufVPN shields this address from prying eyes, it also allows you to choose one that’s located in one of the 500+ servers across the world. So, you’ll not only be able to protect your personal online information but will also be able to widen your market, as you’ll realize in the subsequent section.

3. It offers you a broader market

Every business needs access to a broader market. Afterward, it may choose to reduce its production and acceptance of orders if it can’t keep up with its demand, but more is usually better in this situation.

So, what’s a competent and reliable way to increase your reach in the internet world? Well, we’ll tell you. It’s by using a VPN. You see, BlufVPN has as many as 500+ servers, all of which are available to take your business to every part of the world. Once you choose any of the IP addresses in any location, you have better chances of marketing your products, and we’re confident you know distance is no longer a barrier.

4. It has several killer features

If you want access to several killer features, then you’ve found the perfect option. BlufVPN offers you a kill switch, dark mode, a favorites list for your servers, automatic server connection, and no bandwidth.

The kill switch exists to ensure maximal safety on days when you mistakenly connect to the internet without turning on your VPN or when a technical problem disconnects you from BlufVPN’s protection. The former may happen if you don’t activate the automatic server connection, which you can quickly rectify.

The dark mode feature works automatically with your device. If you tweak the settings from the BlufVPN app, you can make it switch to dark mode when your connected device does, or even remain permanently in that manner each time you use the app.

Your favorites list is how you can easily access any of the 500+ server locations you frequently choose. In addition, the servers connect at a lightning-fast rate, which means you’ll never have to worry about a slow internet connection while conducting your business.

Finally, every business needs access to unrestricted bandwidth.

5. It’s pocket-friendly

As a business owner, we’re confident you’re conscious of your finances. After all, at the end of the business year, everything must balance and result in profits. So, you’re likely looking for the best services at the most affordable prices.

Well, that’s what BlufVPN offers you. In addition, this VPN provider has one of the cheapest subscription packages. You can pay $9.99 monthly, $3.49 monthly when you pay for a year, or $2.00 monthly for three years.

Additionally, there are many payment options, including cryptocurrency.

6. Compatibility

Since you’re running a digital business, you likely have many gadgets that require a connection to the internet. With BlufVPN, you can connect as many as five devices to your account.

However, you can also choose to connect your account to your router, provided every other gadget connects to the internet through it.


BlufVPN offers every digital business an easy way to the top – it protects your business and offers you ways to increase your reach. It’s as simple as downloading the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. With BlufVPN, the best features are here – try now!


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