Bandwidth Monitors and Network Usage Monitoring Tools

Have you been to a crowded place and the internet is not fast enough? Yes? We understand when you are trying to browse but the internet is slow. That is why monitoring your bandwidth in your network is important. You have a lot of bandwidth but your internet is slower? It is because you are not monitoring your bandwidth. Bandwidth monitoring is substantial for all network engineers. It is important to be aware that how much network usage is occurring.

There are various monitoring tools for checking the network. Bandwidth consumption is the sole reason for the internet processing slower. Keeping an eye on usage networks can get you out of many problems. What if companies start to monitor bandwidth on their network on their own? There will be no network usage issues and no slow Internet. It is the right time for companies to start using their resources uprightly. Monitoring bandwidth with different tools can be really helpful.

What is Bandwidth Monitoring?

Bandwidth is a tool for increasing network traffic. Data or the internet can be transferred in a short period. By scanning your bandwidth, you can keep an eye on host network usage. You can easily know how much bandwidth each host is using. Every company administration should know what is going on in the network.

This is why companies need to scan their bandwidth. When the internet is slower, it is easy for them to detect the problem. If there is no hindrance in bandwidth, then the internet would work at high speed. Fast internet is the need of the hour now for all organizations. IT teams manage users, servers, and maximum internet availability.

This is important because of reaching companies’ goals. No company works without these essentials anymore. To get a better output, scanning bandwidth is foremost for companies.

Bandwidth detection can inhibit network intrusion. It is possible to monitor bandwidth hogs which cause more issues. It can be measured in bits per second (bps). High bandwidth can make a real change in your network.

It can speed up your data transfer and processing in seconds. However, high bandwidth can have problems. Jitters, plugging, and loss of information can be high bandwidth issues. Network engineers need to be prepared with bandwidth monitoring tools. Every organization should have these network analysis tools.

It can detect if users are obstructing the bandwidth. Why sometimes your internet does not open any tab? It is because of the congestion of bandwidth. This all can be simply resolved by using bandwidth scanning tools.

Why bandwidth usage monitor is important?

Upgrade Network Bandwidth capacity

You can increase your network bandwidth capacity for the future. By scanning bandwidth, you will be updated with your bandwidth capacity. If you find out that you require more capacity as your network maximizes. You can easily upgrade your bandwidth according to your network.  The bandwidth is also measured in kilo and megabits per second.

Helps identify troubleshoots

By using bandwidth network resources, you can know many problems in a network. If one network is consuming more bandwidth. It must mean that network is intruded on by a virus.

Identify the abusers of network

By monitoring bandwidth, sometimes you face the problem that you find too fishy. You have purchased a lot of bandwidth from IPS but still, your network works slower. By monitoring your bandwidth by yourself, you will know about problem occurrence. You can know easily if your bandwidth is congested or IPS are at fault. It is easy to inspect on your own by monitoring the bandwidth.

Security check

Hackers try to hack networks all the time. they can malaise your network in many ways. By detecting your bandwidth on a daily basis, you will know everything. Any suspicious activity can be checked. Any harmful traffic flows can be detected by bandwidth detectors.

It will provide a snapshot of any unusual activity on the network. You can easily keep an eye on traffic usage on the network. It enables you to inhibit hackers from breaching. This will save your data and cut down the hassle.

We comprehend the fact that your network needs protection and speed. There are a lot of monitors available for bandwidth and network usage. Some are good at one thing and others in a different term. It is quite an annoyance to find the right monitoring tool. We have listed down some of the best bandwidth and network usage tools. We have found the best monitoring tools according to your enterprise. You can check the details and start practicing using them.

#1. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

This advance bandwidth scanning tool is a big YES! This software bundle is from SolarWinds. It works like magic and tops the list of monitoring tools. It runs on Windows. It enables the admin to go through network traffic. Helps in avoiding bandwidth congestion. You can do a detailed traffic analysis.

The visual graphics of this tool makes it easy to monitor. You can monitor bandwidth by IP address groups, individual ports. Bandwidth consumption can be checked by destination IPs, network protocols. NTA allows you to do versatile things. It allows you to make customized reports for bandwidth management.

By customizing reports, you can manage it by your company requirements. It gives you control over Wireless LAN controller traffic. Sometimes clients potentially abuse your bandwidth capacity. It can also be identified by NAT.

#2. Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

This bandwidth network is not a random analyzer. It ensures that the network issue doesn’t occur on a regular basis. It determines network problems and resolves them on its own. It can identify, diagnose, and resolve issues. It can monitor Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, and Huawei NetStream.

It allows you to determine which applications are congesting bandwidth. This toolset visually provides traffic patterns. It also features them via a web-based interface with charts and graphs. Identifying problems gets very easy with such features. By upgrading and optimizing, this can predict future events.

It works amazingly as provides high check security. if application traffic has any changes, it will detect and inform you. Graphs will show high peaks that show cyberattacks. By having this kind of update instantly, can make things easy. It will make your company go more secure.

This will breach any intrusion from hackers. Any kind of traffic change can be detected by Bandwidth Analyzer Pack. BAP identifies network issues with maximizing proactiveness. It is equipped with resources that provide you assistance. You can monitor bandwidth by IP address groups, applications, and protocol.

#3. Ntopng


It was known as “ntop” but now it is “ntopng” which is the next-generation version. This tool’s functionality confines basic features. It can run on different platforms. It can easily be used on Unix, Windows, and MacOSX. It is an open-source version, which can check network traffic. It can visualize network traffic in real-time.

It allows users to sort network traffic. You can sort by the criteria like IP address, L7 protocol. You can always stay updated with it and upgrade data. Users can easily comprehend data and produce reports to review. It also has the extension to integrate with Nagois. Nagois is an alert provider monitoring application.

#4. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer


Be it a small industry or a large enterprise with multiple remote offices, ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer works as a complete bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis solution. It is highly scalable and offers a wide range of monitoring, reporting, and analysis capabilities to provide visibility into monitors devices, interfaces, applications, and users in your network.

NetFlow Analyzer offers multi-vendor support and monitors flows from major devices like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Extreme, and other leading vendors. It supports all major flow formats such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream, IPFIX, and AppFlow.

It enables you to identify bandwidth usage trends and detect traffic patterns to detect anomalies in network traffic to prevent bottlenecks before it affects end-users. It also helps you perform behavior analysis and identify, and prevent or troubleshoot any possible network or security issue with its advanced reports and security analytics features.

#5. Site24x7


Site24x7’s NetFlow Analyzer is a cloud-based network traffic and bandwidth monitoring platform that helps monitor your source and destination devices, their interfaces, and the traffic that flows through them.

Configure threshold values for all key metrics such as inbound traffic, outbound traffic, and bandwidth usage and receive instant alerts when traffic or bandwidth exceeds the configured threshold values.

You can obtain complete visibility into the network bandwidth with stats on peak traffic, top applications, and top conversations. Identify bandwidth hogs, fix them, and boost your network performance using Site24x7’s network bandwidth monitoring software.

#6. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor
Image: paessler

PRTG Network Monitor is a basic tool from Paessler. You can track all the traffic in your network by scanning the data on routers. It comes with many unique features. It informs you about the over-burdening of your bandwidth. You can check the congestion before it’s too late. It entirely depends on your hardware and software which protocol you use.

Distinct protocols like SNMP, flow, or packet sniffing exist. It is easy to identify with such protocols about network usage. you can use this tool to monitor SQL, Exchange, and server software. This Window-based PRTG is available in two versions. One is an entirely free version with 100 sensors. The other is commercial exceeding 100 sensors.

#7. Real-time Bandwidth Monitor

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

This Real-time monitor can handle your IT infrastructure. Graphically data is shown for more critical analysis. You can customize bandwidth thresholds. It will give you an alert when network usage is out of bounds. It is very simple and plain to use. You have to enter the IP address, SNMP credentials. Then you opt for a specific interface to monitor and the graph will appear. It will allow you to go through bandwidth usage in real-time.

#8. Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle

This is another free, high-quality bandwidth bundle by SolarWinds. Network traffic can be detected by using flow data capture.  NetFlow, J-FLow, and sFlow data yield furnish multi-interface monitoring. You can scan network traffic by domain, endpoint, and conversation app.

#9. Cacti


This tool works well in collecting data. You can collect data from any infrastructure. Routers, load balancers, and servers can show collected data.  It supports devices that can cover a lot of network devices. SNMP Polling can cover network devices. Line graph Cacti acts as a front-end graphing tool. This feature can show spikes and dips in network traffic.

Users who want a standard quality view of their bandwidth. They can monitor bandwidth justly. It is the right choice. Its showing result in graphical format makes it unique.  It runs on Windows and Unix systems. This is a free and open-source tool with impeccable features.

#10. SoftPerfect NetWorx

SoftPerfect NetWorx
Image: Softperfect

Many companies need tools that can handle each department’s network traffic. If your business is based in a small office. This simple and user-friendly tool is the right choice. if you have one system and one router then SoftPerfect is right.

It can monitor network usage or bandwidth on a single system or more. you can monitor network usage by your router linked to SNMP. Linux or Mac is suitable for running this tool. SoftPerfect NetWorx is a licensed tool. It gives you a free 30-day trial and then you have to pay for it. It does not cost much but it is an efficient tool.

#11. BWMonitor

Image: Bwmonitor

It can monitor two connections at one time. It uses line graphs for depicting network traffic. It provides usage notification and transfer speed recorder features. You can glean more in network traffic by BWMonitor. You can install it on Windows. BWMonitor scans the bandwidth on the specific computer you installed it. It does not work on multiple systems such as SolarWinds and PRTG.

#12. tbbMeter

Image: tbbMeter

tbbMeter is a great tool for Network Bandwidth and Traffic monitoring. It can scan your network internet usage. You don’t have to sweat you want to keep a track of your internet usage. The new business starts from one basement office. It does not require many systems. If you want to track your network usage then tbbMeter is the best choice. It informs you if your bandwidth usage is increasing. It has alerts and gives you stats as you want. It gives you readability in graphs.

It all depends on your network which tool you want to use. You need to note down some things about your network and then find a reliable tool. It depends on your already installed network hardware, size. It also depends on the smoothness of your network and its capacity. If you want to track network usage of a bundle of networks or one. There are many free options available. Specifically, for bandwidth and network usage monitoring tools.

This bandwidth implementation will impact your business in a great way. It will boost your network performance and give you extra security. Bandwidth scanning will make your business more secure on the web. You can understand the need for bandwidth and how you want to grow it further on.

Before your business disrupted by any error, you will have alerts. This high-functioning bandwidth tracking will determine your network usage. You can speedily be done with your work. It is important to have these tools installed on your computer. Be in in-charge and secure your network.


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