20 Google Fun Tricks That Will Make You Say ‘Wow!

Many hidden features within Google provide entertainment as well as productivity boosts. As an avid Google user myself I’m always on the lookout for new tricks to enhance my online experience.

From entertaining doodles and hidden games to powerful customizations and shortcuts that save valuable time Google engineers have outfitted their products with a surprising amount of cool tricks.

So whether you’re looking to pass a few minutes having fun or wanting to optimize your workflow, keep reading to uncover a fresh selection of hidden Google gems even power users may not know about. You may just find a new favorite way to play or work after expanding your knowledge of what Google can do.

Here are the best 20 tricks that everyone should know about Google:

#1. Atari Breakout Google trick

Atari Breakout google trick

Type “Atari Breakout” in the Google search image then it will be converted into a portico video game. You just need to destroy the images by bouncing the ball, and you can control the balls with the help of a bar present at the bottom of the screen. Just play Google Atari Breakout for 1 minute, and then you will know why people are addicted to Google.

Try Atari Breakout

#2. Google Zerg Rush


Search “Zerg Rush” on the Google search page and see what will happens. Zerg Rush will castigate and demolish your Google search results. After clicking the Zerg rush you will see dropping zeros appearing from the top of your screening, they will erase your search results. You need to click on zeros and save your search results. It’s a really funny Google trick.

Try Zerg Rush

#3. Roll a dice

Roll a dice

Wants more options than “flip a coin” so play “roll a dice” and have fun.

#4. Askew


When you are searching for something on Google,  google sends you an Askew link, you accidentally click on it and your screen tilts a bit. so, you need to send the “Askew” link to your friends and see their reactions. It’s really cool to see the search engine tilting a bit on your screen.

#5. Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is one of my favorite tricks, it seems like the biggest search engine falls onto your knee. If you want to try this trick then follow these steps.

Now you can enjoy the “Google Gravity” page, move your cursor and see all the elements of the Google Homepage will start falling down. through this hack, you can move each and every element of your home page.

Try Google Gravity

#6. Blink HTML

Blink HTML

through this hack will see all the words “HTML” start blinking at a time. Share this trick with your friends and enjoy it.

#7. Party like its 1998

if you want to see what Google looked like in 1998? so, type the “party like it’s 1998” trick and take a look at the basic internet version in 1998. you can also share its link with one of your friends having a high-speed internet connection, and note his reaction he will think his internet speed is dropping. For trying this trick follow these steps…..

#8. Elgoog


Elgoog is the reflected spelling of Google. It is the rotated version of Google.com known as Google Mirror. If you search anything in Google Mirror the website will show the search result in a horizontally flipped version.

Try Elgoog

#9. Google under Water

Google under Water

It’s one of my favorite Google tricks because in searching “ google underwater “I feel like the search engine is floating underwater and by moving the mouse you can create waves. using this trick you can move every element of Google’s home page with your mouse.

Try UnderWater

#10. Flip a coin

Flip a coin
Image: Google

When you are making a decision, the biggest search engine google.com will help you. Just type “Flip a coin” and see the magic. You need to choose between the head and tail.

#11. Google Mars

Google Mars
Image: Google

Are you so much curious about existing life on other planets? and do you want to see other planets? So, through “Google Mars” and look for a glimpse of the inferred map of Mars.

#12. Your IP Address


Google knows about your IP Address. You want to know, is it true or not? , type “what’s my IP” in google.com then Google will tell you immediately. This trick is not funny but it will save you time.

#13. Pac_man Doodle

Pac_man Doodle
Image: Google

Google arcade game Pac-Man Doodle was developed by Namco Networks in 1980. Tournaments are also available in its updated version. You can play it with your cursor or by fingers, guide Pac_man to eats all the dots and avoid the ghost. Let’s have fun by playing Pac-Man doodle.

#14. Anagram

Image: Google

it is a term formed by rearranging the letters of different phrases. “Anagram” is actually nagging a ram. It is a game like Scrabbles, a Word scrapper in which different words are rearranged so you have to arrange them correctly and make a correct word or phrase. For example binary into binary, Gainly into lying, etc.

#15. Google Sky

Google Sky

Through google sky, you can fly through space. you can see satellites,  planetesimal, planets, stars, galaxies, and many more celestial objects.

Try Google Sky

#16. Thanos


This trick will amaze all the Marvel fans out there. You should go to the Google search bar and type “Thanos” and then enjoy the biography of thousands of supervillains in the Marvels Universe.

#17. Recursion

Image: Google

In order to understand recursion, you should search “recursion”. This is the best trick of Google for IT expert guys out there.

type “recursion” on the Google search bar and you will plunge in an unending loop much like recursion. The actual meaning of recursion is repeating. Google will show results like “Did you mean recursion?” every time when you search for recursion. Again, it is a fun move of Google for all the gurus who have knowledge about recursion.

#18. Google doodle

Google doodle
Image: Google

You can search for Google Doodle and choose any of its games Cricket, Magic Cat Academy, Quick Draw, Pacman. Google Doodle makes your free time a quality time and help you to overcome your boredom.

Try Google Doodle

#19. Feeling Curious

Feeling Curious
Image: Google

If you are getting bore then this trick is going to be very useful for you. Google “feeling curious about “and you will be surprised by the results. It is quite informative because the search engine will show you a list of some questions and answers so you will learn something new every day. If you click on learn more then your learning session will never end.

#20. Tic tac toe

Tic tac toe

We haven’t mystifying lost the art of generating a tic-tac-toe program that plays ideally in the last 40 years. Tic tac toe or Terni, lapilli, whatever it’s the best game you can play with your friend in your spare time. It’s about crosses and noughts. Actually, it’s a strategy or paper-pencil game between two players. So why are you waiting for, go try these tricks to spice your life?


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