6 Good Reasons That Will Compel You To Use A VPN When Playing Online

Do you enjoy playing games online during your spare time? You probably don’t pay much thought to it. Most people open their phones or computers and start playing with little regard for their safety. Any games that connect with the internet demand extra precaution. Using a VPN helps you improve security and privacy. It’s important to read VPN reviews to determine which one will best suit your needs and budget.

Here are a few reasons why VPN could improve your gaming experience.

Protecting You From Swatting

Even though swatting cases are rare, they happen. Protecting yourself is always a good idea. There are cases when some gamers are so angry that they start stalking others. These cases are especially common in multiplayer games.

If an angry or obsessive player can find your IP address, they may hack into your social media pages. They may be able to stalk you offline. Some of them may use the swatting technique. They may send emergency services to your home by calling in non-existent bomb threats, hostage situations, or other emergencies. In the worst cases, swatting may turn deadly.

Reducing Ping and Lag Time

Nothing is worse for a gamer than losing because the game is not working as it should. Whether you are trying to slay a dragon, race, or complete a challenge, your game should run smoothly. Lag and ping time slows you down and may affect your playing experience.

Long ping periods are the most common causes of lag. Ping is the amount of time that data takes to move from the game server to your device. If the distance from the device to the server is long, you are likely to have long ping times. VPN takes care of that problem. The partnership of Surfshark with League of Legends, for example, has made the game smoother as the VPN connects you to the server that is closest to the game server.

Playing From Any Region

VPN allows you to play online regardless of your location. Most online games have servers in specific regions. They may use geo-blocking technology ensuring that you only connect to the servers in your area. If a game has been released for a certain region, it may not be accessible from other parts of the world.

If, for example, you are in the United States, it may be impossible to play games that were meant for the UK. Using VPN hides your IP address so you may be able to play from any part of the world. Premium VPNs have servers in various regions. Therefore, you can easily connect to a server that is outside your region.

Avoiding IP Bans

Game manufacturers often impose IP bans to keep users that violate the existing rules and regulations from playing. Sometimes, your IP may be banned for no apparent reason. While some bans are temporary and may be over in a few days, others are permanent.

Even though all players should do their best to avoid violating the rules, it is not always easy. When banned, connect with a VPN and continue enjoying your games. You will be able to play as VPNs give you a new IP address. The address will help you bypass your ban.

Secure Internet Connection

With VPN, you can enjoy your favorite games in coffee shops, gas stations, or grocery stores without fearing for your safety. Most gamers turn to their games to pass the time but public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. Since you will be sharing that connection with many others, your security is never assured. With a secure VPN, all your private information remains private. No one can access your data and passwords.

Creating Faux LAN to Enjoy Old Games

Is there a computer game that you and your friends used to love but can no longer enjoy because its online servers were shut down? With VPN, you can create faux LAN and keep enjoying your game online. It tricks your computer into thinking that you are on the same network. The same applies to older game consoles that play via LAN but cannot support online services. They include the original Xbox and PS2.

The benefits of VPN for gamers are endless. It promotes security, creates faux LAN so you can keep enjoying old games, and helps you avoid IP bans. With VPN, you can play with public Wi-Fi and you get to enjoy games from all parts of the world. Whether you enjoy gaming on a gaming console, your phone, or PC, VPN is always a good investment. You get to enjoy all the benefits of online gaming while avoiding the disadvantages. There are lots of VPNs and some research will help you find great options.


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