What is content://com.android.browser.home & How To fix it

The content://com.android.browser.home is something that relates to the main page that appears as you open your Android browser. Initially, there are certain features present on your homepage as you open the browser. You can personalize it in any way you want. However, there are a few undercover methods that can be brought into use as you feel like transforming your homepage.

Here, we present the steps you need to follow while altering your homepage.

  1. View the default web browser application on your Android device.
  2. Click on the ‘menu’ option that is present on the upper part of the screen’s right half.
  3. Navigate to the menu labeled ‘settings’. This will lead you to the sub-menu that will further guide you to the ‘Android Browser Settings.
  4. Click on the ‘Android Browser Settings’ and open the ‘General’ settings.
  5. Lastly, hit ‘Set homepage’ and type the URL of the page you are setting as your default page.
  6. Also, you can select the ‘clear page’ option to set your homepage

In case you are unable to find the option for setting up your homepage, you can try the alternative method of doing so. Following the below-mentioned steps, you can set your homepage as per your preference. Also, these steps will help you optimize your content://com.android.browser.home.

  1. Navigate over the website which you will make as homepage
  2. Go over menu
  3. Add specific page in bookmarks
  4. Go to the menu again
  5. Direct to your bookmarks/history
  6. Press the site whom you need to change your homepage to and keep holding it
  7. From the options that appear in the menu, select ‘Set as Homepage’

Why change the Android browser?

While dealing with content://com.android.browser.home it is important that you know why you are doing what you are doing. There are sufficient reasons available as to why you would want to change your default Android browser. Here are a bunch of reasons why.

  • Every browser has its own features and quality. Chrome differs from Firefox in its outlook, speed, options, and so much more. Hence, it is upon the users to choose one out of the many options as per their preference.
  • The outlook of all the browsers is distinct from one another. One user might like Opera’s Outlook while the other might like Microsoft Edge. Therefore, the user might feel a need to switch to other browsers.
  • One technical reason for doing so is that using a non-HTTPS default page for your web browser gives you a better experience overall. And so, it is up to you to select the best content://com.android.browser.home for your Android phones and systems.

Choosing the best web browser

A long list of available options to choose from makes finalizing one very hard. Every web browser carries its own set of features that you have to compare and contrast while conforming to one. Go through our top 3 guides as we educate you about the features of all browsers.


#1. Google Chrome

The most widely used web browser nowadays is Google Chrome. It stands out in its features greatly. It is quick, extremely easy to use, and has a safe web browser. Additionally, Google Chrome provides you with customized news articles, numerous websites to search through, and so much more.

Also, it allows you to download almost anything and everything you like. Its option of Google Translate, opening the incognito window, and Chrome Lite, are its various attractive features.  This is the reason you should go for it while considering the content://com.android.browser.home.

#2. Opera

The Opera browser is made for people who are always on the move. This particular browser has won various awards and is ranked highly amongst other browsers. Its quick service and extremely fast browsing are exemplary. Moreover, its basic features of instant searching, secured browsing, and extremely quick and efficient transfer of files are the must-haves in every browser. All this and so much more make it a great choice for your default web browser.

#3. Firefox

Firefox is one such web browser that provides a quality experience to its users. Its high-speed operations and quick response to every activity being performed is its main feature. Also, how it guards your privacy and keeps your smartphone secure from all kinds of viruses, hackers, etc, is exemplary. It is one of the best web browsers available for your Android phones and one you can’t ignore.

How to alter the default browser in Android phones

The functioning of content://com.android.browser.home places no restrictions on Android users to stick to the original settings. You can play with those settings and change them in whatever way that suits you. In addition, there are numerous other options available with features that are far better in their compatibility and operations. You just have to go to the Google Play store and select the best one for yourself.

The various other browser options available are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Dolphin browser, etc.  You can choose one browser that gives you the most utility and get your hands set on it for good. To guide you in doing so, here is how you set your desired web browser. The steps are quite easy, we have mentioned them below:

  1. Go to ‘settings’ on your phone
  2. Keep scrolling till you get to the options of ‘Apps’, ‘notifications’, and ‘warnings
  3. Press the ‘default notifications’ option and look for the menu named ‘browser’.
  4. Tap the ‘browser’ option and select your desired browser from the list available.


Conclusively, it is best if you go through all the aspects while deciding the content://com.android.browser.home. Having proper knowledge of everything is vital to aid your decision-making process. Consider the pros, cons, quality, and all the factors discussed in complete depth.

However, you can’t know the full potential and range of a browser until you experience using it. Henceforth, combining the knowledge in our content, added with your experience will help you decide better. Hopefully, this article will help you do so.


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