Does one site fit all?

Just a quick post to share my slides from the Mobile Access – Device-independent or Accessible? panel at the European Accessibility Forum today in Frankfurt. Short and sweet as it was only a five minute presentation.

I’d normally go via Slideshare and get a transcript together but it just doesn’t want to play today. I’ll go in and try again later.

A huge thank you to Martin kliehm for putting together such a great conference. To track what else was talked about during the day check out #eafra on Tweetscan. Great debates were had.

Accessibility and mobile access are unique but cross over just as the image of a stick man and woman crossing the road do. Photo courtesy of Mickey Desai.

2 thoughts on “Does one site fit all?

  1. Hey Martin, thanks for that. I’ve been following the videos as they have been announced over Twitter. I think you guys did such a great job and the buzz on blogs and Twitter has been brilliant…speaking of which I’m writing up my blog post now so stay tuned 🙂

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