Are Macs Susceptible to Malware? Here’s What You Should Know

Most Mac users aren’t even aware that their computer is also susceptible to malware. Just like any other operating system, macOS is just as vulnerable to malware as any other system.

The only thing that differentiates Macs from Windows PCs is that the developers of malware are more focused on Windows. Even Apple has confirmed that their devices are susceptible to viruses and malware, and this should be a cause of concern for most Mac users and if you’re one, you should probably take preventive measures as well.

This might be news to you if you’ve never had your Mac attacked before. However, there are ways you can prevent it from happening to your Mac. Once you’re done with this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to deal with any malware that tries to infect your system. So let’s get to it and learn everything there is to know about Macs and malware.

#1. Yes and No

When it comes to Apple devices, the answers are never black or white. Macs are much less susceptible to most malware because of their significantly lesser popularity than Windows PCs. This is because Windows PCs are cheaper and are being sold in more numbers than premium Macs. Most hackers and viruses prefer to target Windows systems due to the larger number of possible targets.

The Macs are, therefore, much less vulnerable to the different variants of malware floating around. However, it would be wrong to assume that a Mac can never get infected because even though the number of malware that targets Apple devices is significantly less, the risk is there nonetheless. This is why you still need to be careful even if you own a Mac because, unfortunately, you never know when you might be targeted next.

#2. Antivirus Options

Most Mac users aren’t even aware that their systems have built-in antivirus options. You should know that Apple has incorporated some basic anti-malware features into their devices so that the users aren’t as vulnerable. These features are a bare minimum and having them doesn’t mean that your device will never get infected.

There are some antivirus suites available in the App Store that you can download for enhanced protection but don’t expect a perfect anti-malware option, as it’s almost non-existent, and no one knows it better than Windows users. You’ll have to follow some safety tips yourself as most Windows users do. You should avoid downloading third-party apps other than those available on the App Store, try to avoid sketchy emails or links, and you should also be cautious about the storage devices that you plug into your Mac.

#3. Symptoms Your Mac is Infected

No matter how hard you try, sometimes there will be slip-ups that can result in your entire system getting infected. It’s crucial that you are able to recognize whether your system is infected or not so that you can take prompt corrective action. It doesn’t take much to know if your Mac is infected. There are some very clear signs that you can detect to identify if your Mac needs a reformat or not, some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • Advertisement pop-ups from suspicious-looking websites.
  • Unknown apps being installed on your system without your permission.
  • Way too many crashes in your system, especially if it didn’t crash as much before.
  • Overheating issues.
  • Sudden slowdowns.

These are some of the more common signs that are more visible and there could be many other issues that aren’t easily visible. You need to keep an astute eye on your system to make sure that it isn’t misbehaving or acting in strange ways. If there are any of these issues in your Mac, you need to contact technical assistance as soon as possible.

These are some of the things that you should know about Macs and their susceptibility to Malware. It’s not very common for macs to be attacked, however, it isn’t something that never happens either. This is why you should be prepared to deal with an emergency situation like this at all times.

In this article, you learned the various signs that can indicate if your Mac is infected and we also discussed the antivirus options that can help you prevent an unfortunate scenario like this. Just remember that a malware attack isn’t something that can’t be rectified and proceed to the next logical step without panicking. However, try to undertake all the safety measures beforehand so that you don’t have to go through this hassle altogether.


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