How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google Maps

Have you ever stuck in traffic? There might not a single person in the world who hasn’t stuck in traffic ever. It really sucks when we have to reach our destination on time, but we got late for work or school due to the worst road traffic on our usual route.

Google has taken over almost every aspect of our life and is now an essential part of our daily life, and there is nothing that Google applications can’t do. Getting stuck in the most annoying experience anyone can have. To help humans in avoiding the worst traffic.

How to Operate Google Maps

Google can be used on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops to explore or search. On the desktop, you can find your way around the world, and on mobile or tablets, you can use the Google Maps application. Before heading to use Google Maps, make sure your GPS is enabled. If your GPS is turned off, you won’t be able to use the maps and see or share the locations.

Learn How the Map Works

Not all the features are available in every country or region; you can use the available features in your country.

Get Direction & Start Navigation: Navigation and getting direction on Google Maps is so simple. Whether you want to find a way of walking, biking, or public transit, you can get directions instantly. A map will mark the best direction with blue color. Other routes will be in grey on the map. Some directions may be available for a limited time, and some will be beta.

You need to be extra focused and attentive while using Google maps. Observe your surroundings with caution to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Whenever you got confused, follow the road signs and actual traffic regulations by confirming signage from the road.

Set Your Work or Home: Google maps offer an option to set or change your work and home address. Also, you can your desired icon for work or home. You have to be signed in if you want to change or set the home or work address.

Get Info About The Place: Google Maps is a top-notch digital tool that lets you search for the place in no time. You can search for any place, including restaurants, transport stops, post offices, streets, and shopping malls.


Before jumping on to use the application, ensure you go through the technicalities. If you want to use Google Maps perfectly, you have to follow some major technical steps, mentioned below are the technical steps to use Google Maps.

1st Step 

Launching”: Launch the Google Maps application on your device.

2nd Step

Selection”: Search your desired place or select directly on the maps.

3rd Step

Direction”: Tap direction, or you can add direction by yourself.

4th Step

Destination”: Add destination, you can also add more than one destination by tapping on “Add Stop.

5th Step

Choose one”: You will get different options to travel, choose one.

6th Step

Available Routes”: See available routes or alternates.

7th Step

Start Navigation”: Tap Start to start navigation.

8th Step

Stop or Cancel”: You can cancel or stop the navigation from the bottom left or just close the application.

Google Maps have an option that enables you to hear the voice location.

Plan Your Trip Accordingly

Google Maps is a versatile, easy-to-use tool. It helps you in planning your trip according to the traffic situation and the condition of the roads. You are heading over to work or somewhere important and can’t afford to reach there late. Your mobile phone can save you from getting late. Switch to Google maps to get the instant traffic update for your drive. It is an instant tool to avoid traffic to work and will save you from getting late.

Key Features

Google maps help you quickly navigate to your destination. Mentioned below are the top key features of Google Maps.

  • Traffic Update: You just have to add your destination to get the information regarding the traffic on the route.
  • Real-Time Assistance: Google map is an extraordinary application to give you real-time assistance regarding traffic updates. It is an excellent option to assists you in your trip duration.
  • Search Places: This application helps you in searching for your desired places easily. Your desired location’s direction will be highlighted, and you can easily reach there by following the direction.
  • Shows closures and delays: While using Google maps, you can search for any road closures and delays on your route. This way, you can avoid road closure and will be able to reach your destination in time.
  • Route Shortcuts Suggestion: Google map automatically suggests the short cuts to your destination if there is traffic on your usual route.
  • Show Events on Your Route: While checking for the traffic update, you may find some events highlighted on the application such as marathons, sporting events, concerts, and parades.
  • No Internet Required: Once you added the desired location, now you can turn off your internet connection. Google map will automatically keep updating your real-time location.

Google Map’s Pro Tips You Should Try

Check Most Suitable Time To Eat Out

Google Maps gives you an option to check if your restaurant has a long queue right now or not. Just write the restaurant’s name, and you will get instant details.

Zoom In & Zoom Out For Perfect Directions

You will get a zoom in and zoom out option by tapping twice on the screen. This way, you will not require two hands for zooming.

Use Maps Without Internet

Google Maps will let you use the application without the internet if you enable the “Offline Maps” option from settings. You just have to pull up your desired location in Google Maps on your phone.


Google maps is one of the astonishing applications developed by none other than Google. It is one of its most popular applications for the update of traffic to work. You can have a real-time look at what the traffic looks like on your usual route from work to home. It is easy to use the application, easily manageable in iOS and Android. For all the good reasons, Google is the most popular application in the world.


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