How to Help Your HR Manage a Hybrid Workforce?

One survey revealed that 76% of respondents had shifted to a hybrid work model. Hybrid working has become increasingly popular since the pandemic, which helped businesses realize their potential for remote and hybrid working.

Suppose your business is adopting a hybrid work model. In that case, your HR team will need technologies and tools at their disposal to help manage employee satisfaction and facilitate the hybrid work model. Read on for a guide to the leading technologies that can help your HR team to provide more support to employees as you transition to hybrid working.

Technologies To Help Your HR Manage A Hybrid Workforce

Here are some of the top cloud-based technology innovations that can help your HR team seamlessly manage a hybrid workforce.

Access Control

Access control provides a commercial security solution for office spaces, but it is also useful for HR teams that need an efficient way to increase awareness of employees’ working habits. A hybrid working model can become quite challenging to keep track of employees’ whereabouts. Access control technology provides access logs that give HR teams a better idea of employee working habits.

You can easily implement access control systems without inconveniencing employees. Mobile credentials can be stored on employee devices to gain access to the office using BlueTooth. Access readers on higher frequencies can interact with employee mobile devices and grant access to employees without them having to remove their mobile device from their pocket or bag and hold it in front of the reader.

So, with keyless door locks, HR can gain a fuller picture of employees whereabouts, and security staff can manage access to the office building without adding inconvenience to staff members as they come and go.

Wellness Verification

Wellness verification software is a powerful tool for your HR team to manage employee health and safety and employee mental health as part of your employee experience strategy. You can integrate it with access control technology and provide employees with digital surveys to access the building. You can use wellness verification software for several functions, including screening coronavirus symptoms. Here are some of the questions you can include in your wellness survey to screen for coronavirus symptoms:

  • Have you had a persistent cough in the last 14 days?
  • Have you had a fever in the last 14 days?
  • Have you experienced any loss or change in your sense of taste or smell in the last 14 days?

These measures ensure that symptomatic employees and visitors do not enter the building and put others at risk. Your employees will feel more protected by their HR team, and your business will prove that it prioritizes employee wellbeing.

In addition to screening for coronavirus symptoms, you can also provide mental wellness checks to identify employee dissatisfaction or mental health concerns. Your HR team can reach more employees with this technology to check in and ensure that they are mentally healthy.

Suppose many employees are suffering from mental health issues and low satisfaction at work. In that case, this may indicate a need to provide more wellness retreats and mental health seminars for your employees.

Desk Booking Systems

Your HR team is responsible for ensuring that employees have access to desk space when they choose to work in the office. Employees may become disgruntled if they commute to the office to find that there isn’t any available space. Desk booking systems allow employees to reserve desk space for when they plan to work in-office and provide your office floorplan on a user-friendly interface, displaying which desks are currently booked and who has booked them.

If employees can view who has booked desk spaces, they can sit in teams or be near coworkers and friends. Your staff can also book meeting rooms using this software. With desk securing systems, your HR team can ensure employees access desks and workspaces in the office.

Occupancy Management

Since the pandemic, your HR team has other health and safety standards to adhere to. You need to ensure that your HR team stays motivated during the pandemic to address these concerns. Overcrowding has become one of the primary hazards in the health and safety sphere, as it can promote the spread of germs and leave your employees vulnerable to contracting coronavirus.

Occupancy management can help your HR teams set maximum occupancy levels in rooms within your office space and view occupancy logs to identify incidents of overcrowding. Occupancy management is integrated with external and internal door locks to provide sufficient information for your HR team to manage overcrowding and help to promote health and safety standards in the workplace.


If you are adopting a hybrid work model, this is the perfect opportunity for your business to provide a better work-life balance for employees and increase productivity. Your HR team will face new challenges in providing support for employees. Still, with the help of these emerging technologies, your business will be able to operate seamlessly in a hybrid work model.


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