Minecraft Color Codes 2024 Updated

Minecraft is the most played 3D graphic sandbox video game. If you happen to be one of the millions of Minecraft players then you must be familiar with the color codes. Minecraft color codes are used to change the appearance of text, armor, and the color of your team.

What are Minecraft Color Codes?

Minecraft video game has 16 in-built color codes that help the player to change the color of text and armor. By using color codes players can customize their team and the appearance of text in the game.

Exploration and crafting is the basic task of the player. Also, it offers complete freedom to create their World with 3D blocks. The color codes and styles offer customization of in-game text and this is the primary task of color codes. You can bold, paint, or italicize the text characters to express your emotions toward other players.

Secondly, The player of the game can change the color of the team using the Minecraft color code. In this way, you can enjoy your precious time playing games with admirable color codes.

How to use Minecraft Color Codes

If you want to use Minecraft color codes you have to find symbol § in Bedrock Edition of your Android devices and PC. The different numbers from 0-9 and letters from A- F create different colors and effects on the text and appearance of the team.

To change the color of the text you just have to press the color code before the text. The color codes can bold the message sent to several servers in the game. As your message tells your emotions and thinking while playing, this message can contain color codes.

Minecraft Color Codes

If you have found the section sign on your keypad or keyboard then you can easily use these color codes for the customization of texts, armor, styles, and team.

Here are the 16 in-built Minecraft color codes:

ColorChat CodeMOTD CodeHexa CodeDecimal Code
Dark gray§8\u00A78A9A9A95592405
Dark red§4\u00A748B00011141120
Dark green§2\u00A7200640043520
Dark blue§1\u00A7100008B170
Dark aqua§3\u00A7300AAAA43690
Light purple§d\u00A7dFF55FF16733695
Dark purple§5\u00A75AA00AA11141290

In the above-mentioned table, the color depicts the name of the color in Minecraft. Chat code is used to chat while playing. MOTD Codes are messages of the day colors. The hexadecimal and decimal codes indicate the value of color in Minecraft.

How to Type § in Minecraft

The location of this symbol varies according to the platform you are using to play the game. The section sign § can be activated for the Linux system by using the compose key.

If you are using an Android mobile device symbol may be present on the keypad. And in IOS devices it may appear on pressing the “& key’ followed by the symbol. But if you are playing this game on PC you have to press the “Alt key”  followed by 0,1,6 or 7 keys. Furthermore, it may appear by pressing the “Alt + 2” key.

To use all the color codes you just have to press the section sign along with different keys.


Minecraft comes with different and unique color codes. Minecraft color codes provide more amusement to the player with amazing features. In this game, there are several modes of playing and buildings to explore with 3D graphics. The gradient color collection of Minecraft allows the player to format according to their desires.

The player can use these colors on the homepage to modify the style of texting and the color of the text. A wide variety of colors provides more amazing interfaces to explore. Minecraft has inspired lots of players with excellent 3D graphics and color codes.

Download the Minecraft game with all its graphics, color codes, style codes, and many more amazing features. So what are you waiting for? Download it to enjoy!


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