How to Win The War On Rust | Tips & Advice

Just heard of Rust from that gamer friend of yours. Want to get your hands on this game quickly? Don’t wait for long.

Rust is a multiplayer- single survival desktop video game. It is accessible on both Mac and Microsoft Windows. The goal of a Rust player is to survive in harsh conditions with gathered materials. Players need to manage health, thirst, risk of dying, and hunger simultaneously. Along with the threat from other players, animals like wolves and bears worsen the condition.

You need a diverse strategy. But to ensure the win in the war on Rust, knowing certain tips and advice is even more crucial. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Collect Tools First Rather Than Weapons

When you spawn into the server, you need to select one from weapons and tools. Your success in the game will be determined by constructing bases, mining nodes, and killing animals. Therefore, you need a plethora of tools.

Try to collect the tools that need around 200 woods, 100 stones, 10 hits, and 20 trees during their construction (like a Stone Hatchet). This activity will skyrocket your progress.

Prefer Modded Experience

Currently, in Rust, there are only two main servers – vanilla and modded. The vanilla server is under the official community, whereas the modded has its own section.

The modded server has more tools. In it, it’s easier to change the parts like respawn locations, gather rate, etc. Also, you can get numerous free kits and higher gather rates under modded experience. It is an excellent server to learn the mechanism of the Rust game.

Keep Your Inventory Organized

Your inventory includes tools, food, guns, hatchet, ammo, etc. If your entire inventory is organized on the Hotbar, your chances of winning a war in Rust will rise. Organized inventory will help you to quickly switch to the desired tool.

It will also help you know the quantity of your ammo. This is crucial, especially when you are away from your basement.

Play Rust With Your Team

Rust is a team game. It needs a lot of farming, building, and playing simultaneously. To win the war in the Rust, play as a team. It will not only make your game easier but will also enhance your experience.

If you feel like playing it solo, try out a solo-only server. It is great for beginners. You get single players to find and raid instead of a whole group. You can also build your team from a solo-only server.

Make use of Voice Chat

Constant two-way communication will help you to win a war in the game. There are two options for communication: chat and voice chat. The latter one is better. It will be broadcast to the players within your proximity.

Make use of voice chat to trade goods with team members. Also, use it to exchange information and also discuss Ak-47.

Store multiple sleeping bags

The risk of raids is prominent in Rust. If you have multiple sleeping bags, you can use them to save yourself. It will also save you time as you have access to bags at numerous points.

If you die during the war and your enemies have one bag, the others can help you fend off the attackers. Multiple bags mean multiple chances of looting and collecting tools too.

Go Through Radiation Treatment

Players encounter radiation doses based on their position. Certain doses can be fatal. So how do you protect yourself?

Firstly, by wearing radiation-protective clothes. If you can collect a radiation suit, you are safe from radiation except in 3 tier buildings. For instant removal of radiation, have radiation pills. Invest in radiation protectiveness and treatment before playing the game. Doing this will increase your chances.


The Rust tips and advice mentioned above will make your gameplay so much better. Rust is a mind game challenging your management, timing, and alertness. So, play diligently to survive till the end.

Make sure you comment down below your Rust strategies!


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