Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

According to a study by the American agency BTI Consulting, search on the Internet is the second most popular way for clients to find a lawyer after personal recommendations. The specialization of lawyers is far from marketing. Lawyers are specialists in a completely different field.

Therefore, of course, they do not understand marketing. And to promote their services on the Internet in our time – it’s a necessity. Therefore, cooperation with professionals will only help. SEO experts for lawyers at Comrade are professionals. With years of experience and knowledge of internal digital strategies.

There are many digital marketing services for law firms in Los Angeles. You just need to browse through them and choose the right one for your requirements and conditions.  Different strategies can be used to promote a law firm offline and online. They will list the most common digital marketing tools and tell you how to choose the right ones.

SEO – search engine optimization. The task of this tool is to bring the site to the top on the requests of potential customers.

SEO services – a mandatory element in the marketing of law firms, regardless of the area in which the firm operates and in which niche it specializes. This tool brings the cheapest traffic in the long term, but it only works with a long-term strategy. It can take two to three months or more from the start of promotion to the first noticeable results.

Lawyer SEO will drive traffic to landing pages for commercial queries. Commercial – those that indicate a desire to purchase a particular service: for example, order the services of a lawyer. For these queries will optimize the page services.

The same law firm marketing agency attracts traffic to the blog for informational queries. For example, “how to divide property”. This will help attract more users, but converting them into customers will be more difficult.

To convert informational traffic into commercial traffic, blog articles usually mention your services or cite your success stories.

In the same way, SEO professionals emphasize the personal experience of the lawyer when promoting him. They often like to give an example of materials on the blog of a law firm. Usually, companies write about what they do: it is logical for a divorce lawyer to describe the divorce.

Law firm marketing agency also uses the strategy of SMM – promotion in social networks. This strategy involves not attracting the audience to the site but interacting with it on other platforms: Instagram or Facebook. The more often you appear in users’ feeds with high-quality content, the higher the chance that they will turn to you when needed.

Different types of content are used to attract an audience:

The most common types of content used on social media are:

Sales content. Posts with advertising services: a description of the benefits, successful cases, and an explanation of the order of work.

Informational content. It can be a link to articles on the blog, news about changes in legislation, and analysis of frequent situations from practice.

Digital marketing agencies control posts to be applicable to the life of the target audience. That is not just talking about changes in legislation, but also an explanation of how they will affect users and what they can do now.

The promotion of legal services in social networks is complicated by the fact that this is not a product of everyday demand. Users rarely refer to lawyers and usually have no interest in the law, so they are reluctant to subscribe to communities. To get referrals from social media, it’s important to not only keep your audience engaged with interesting publications, but also to optimize content for search – using hashtags, keywords in the group name, and publication.

Example – the lawyer gave an example from his practice and used hashtags so that the post was found by the target audience.

The main thing for competent promotion is to find the right campaign, that adheres to the strategy and analyzes the effectiveness of different promotion channels. You can entrust this to an experienced specialist – Comrade Digital Marketing Agency and choose a performer with appropriate experience. He will help you to create and implement an effective online promotion strategy.


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