A knock off Chinese 2008 Olympics website?

Am I the only one who is a bit confused over what the official site is for the Chinese Olympics website? First I found Beijing2008 and then I found www.olympic.cn, both of whom claim to be the “official” site for the Chinese Olympics 2008.

I’m wondering if this is just a symptom of China’s adeptness, shall we say, at copying anything that sells. It was only back in 2005 after all that the Beijing Silk Market was collectively sued (possibly the best market in the world) by luxury brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada for ripping off and selling their kit.

Anyway, my money is on the Beijing2008….

2 thoughts on “A knock off Chinese 2008 Olympics website?

  1. The second is the Chinese national Olympic Committee, they are responsible (amongst other things) for organizing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. You’re money is on the right spot unless you also want to track all the Chinese Olympic activities and athletes etc…

  2. Thanks for the clarification Shadi, I hoped it would be as I followed the link through from the original Olympic site….

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