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We’ve all connected our phones, laptops, and devices with public Wi-Fi networks. However, using public Wi-Fi networks is not safe for your digital security. It will make it much more tranquil for hackers to ingress your device. They can steal your password, bank account information, and username. Virtual Private Networks replace your IP address and encrypt your web traffic, that’s why it’s the safest way to use public WIFI through VPNs.

But VPNs slow down your internet connections. There are so many VPNs that claim to be the fastest VPN but, most of them fall flat and waste our time. We’ve tested out dozens of VPNs for their velocity and security. Mostly VPNs affect your internet speed but good services will not affect your operating system.

These fast VPNs help you in your all internet activities, Like gaming, streaming, and business work.

While Choosing a VPN


When you are choosing a VPN, you should keep these things in mind:


It is also called “ping” if you want a service for online gaming then try to search VPN servers having lower latency values. Latency measured in a millisecond and below 100ms is considered best for gaming. You can Reboot your hardware to get a better latency rate. Latency shows the quality of your connection in the network you are using.

VPN Protocol

Open VPN protocols are the fastest and most secure option. While choosing the best VPN Protocol always search for their reviews. PPTP is not good when we are talking about security due to low encryption but is very stable. SSTP is the best open VPN protocol for Windows and Androids because of its high security and fast speed.

Other things

  • security and speed must be your first priority.
  • Proxies like SOCKS5 must be available in VPN
  • VPN is capable of split tunneling
  • Kill switches must be available in your selected VPN
  • supported by customer services
  • 256-bit encryption should be present in VPN
  • Specified server for P2P file sharing
  • Subscription prices

Here I discuss some Fastest VPN services with all possible information, surely it will help you a lot.

Top Recommended Fastest VPN Services for 2024

Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Logo: NordNord VPN  has 8 million customers all over the world which is why it is the most popular VPN service. Its most incredible thing is strict logging policies and never forcing users to hand over data. The average download speed of Nord VPN is 47.56 Mbps across all locations. NordVPN recently launched NordLynx, a custom protocol in a VPN that transfers your data more effectively without influencing your privacy. NordLynx doubled the speed of NordVPN.

NordVPN is available on Mac, IOS, Fire TV, Linux, Windows, and Androids. Its speed drop is just, 2%. It consists of untraceable encryption security services and airtight leak protection. If privacy is your first priority, then try this one.

NordVPN is top-rated in 2024 its rating score is 4.5/5 which’s pretty much cool. You can also increase the speed by using the right protocol. The protocol actually determines the level of your data encryption.


  • HTTPS proxy servers are available
  • There is no logging compulsory
  • An automatic kill switch system is available for Macs and iPhones
  • Extra fast VPN service


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Express VPN

Logo: Express VPN

Latency and downloading speed are two main factors that should be your first priority when you are going to select a VPN. Express VPN is the best choice when comes to speed. You can download streaming 4K HDR videos and games. Providers use Military-level encryption and kill switches for reliable security. Express VPN is well-protected, and has a speedy connection. Its Average speed is 106.78 Mbps.

Let’s talk about its features, Balance HD streaming, strict security measures, and P2P file sharing are available. Express VPN is compatible with Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, and routers. Its Inverse split tunneling and split tunneling, provide a shield to specified connections. It provides Unlimited options for payment including, PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, and credit cards. On its security front, you get open protocols such as UDP, L2TPorIPsec, PPTP, and SSTP you can choose which one you prefer the most.


  • You can hide your IP address
  • NordVPN is VoIP-supported
  • Unlimited server switches and extra fast speed


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The most desirable thing about express VPN is its Network lock.  Available in 148 locations with 3,000+ servers in 94 countries. But you can’t subscribe to it for free if you deposited your payment then, there is a money-back guarantee in 30 days.


Logo: Surfshark

I tried it and it shows 169.51 Mbps plus downloads for all locations. But its uploading speed is slow a bit. If I consider that uploadings are slower usually, anyhow it is still more admirable. Its uploading speed is 85.5 Mbps. Surfshark VPN is a well-rounded VPN cheap and reliable. Surfshark is the cheapest premium option available. But being cheap first doesn’t mean much if it does not perform well.

you can use an unlimited number of devices on one user account. Its clean web feature allows an ad-free experience on the internet.

Having lots of features that are rare in other VPN services. Some reports show that it sometimes slows down but using its optimal server-finding feature, you can find a good server pretty fast. Its excellent review score is  9.2/10. Surfshark is a unique VPN as it achieves this milestone in just two years. This is the most inexpensive VPN with Unlimited simultaneous connections.

It consists of 1700 servers in 64 countries. Camouflage Mode is recently updated in Surfshark VPN, so no one can know you are using a VPN.

Surfshark is much quicker than your average VPN. it is, fast, affordable, and user-friendly, no other top-ranked provider gives you this much at a low cost.


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Pure VPN

Pure VPN
Logo: Pure Vpn

The fastest VPN service is the biggest claim and is hard to verify with utter confidence. I tried it and its downloading speed goes to 112.6 Mbps so, their claim was true it is the fastest VPN service. Pure VPN consists of 750 servers in 180 locations covering 141 countries. It has 1 million users present globally.

In America, its download speed is 112.5 Mbps and its upload speed is 46.73 Mbps. It means pure VPN is not the least fast in America while in Canada its downloading speed is 82 Mbps and its uploading speed is 9.11 Mbps so, it is the fastest VPN when you are using a Canadian IP Address. You can get IP Addresses in the United States, Australia, Germany, and Canada by paying some extra money.

If we talk about its uploading speed it is also quite good, except in North America. I need to clarify one thing, I tried all VPNs with the best internet connections, so I concluded that Pure VPN has the fastest uploading speed.


  • Strict security for business and private scale
  • Limited file-sharing system
  • The kill switch is available for Windows and Mac

split tunneling functionality is the best trademark of Pure VPN. This future is most helpful when you have to do some online banking.


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Pure VPN


Logo: CyberGhost

It is a fast and reliable VPN at a low price. Even with its low cost, it is one of the top-rated VPNs on many popular websites. It can be easily used for streaming services. The speed drops are negligible on most servers.


  • No log-in policy
  • Secure your conversations
  • Hide your IP address
  • Highest encryption available
  • Extra fast in some locations


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Image: CyberGhost

Cyber ghost is reliable when it comes to speed. With its best server location feature, it finds you the best server based on latency, speed, and distance. Cyber ghost-optimized streaming servers are prominently faster. This feature will increase the quality of your stream, so you did not face any lagging during your work.

But its speed drops when distance increases. When I connected to the Canadian server the speed drops up to 50%. Cyber Ghost is fast for local streaming with optimized servers but not good for long-distance servers. So, I recommend you all use it, locally.


Logo: VPNArea

VPNArea is the fastest VPN service in 2024. It is basically present in Bulgaria but its headquarters are in Switzerland. The corporation wants to establish a speedy customer survival so they update their VPN. It consists of 200 servers including, 68 countries and more than 10,000 IP addresses.

It provides you with six concurrent connections with your desired device. Its chameleon app is available on Windows that provides you with a kill switch system. If your connection or VPN service drops,  your IP address will remain protected.


  • You can share your Account
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Secure your conversations
  • Extra fast in some locations


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Image: VPNArea

It is compatible with Mac, iPhone, Linux, and Windows. Open protocols are available including, PPTP, L2TP, and TCP.

Buffered VPN

Logo: Buffered

Buffered VPN is the best-known fastest VPN service for Mac, Android phones, windows, and iPhones. UDP open protocols are present and the most unique thing is it is supported by IPv4. It is helpful in P2P file sharing, live streaming, and gaming. Buffered VPN provides fast connection, unlimited bandwidth, and server switching. However it does not enable users to kill switch and split tunneling. You can get information through its FAQ section

it consists of vast payment menus such as PayPal, credit cards, Maestro, and JCB.


  • Speech freedom
  • Hide your IP address
  • Tutorials are available


Logo: IPVanish

IPVanish is a fast VPN service based in Florida’s Orange company. It is the favorite VPN service for gaming because of its speed and P2P-friendly connection. IPVanish consists of 750 servers, 60 countries, and 40,000 unique IP addresses.

Four open protocols are available including, PPTP, L2TP, and TCP. You can select the protocol yourselves and it can be selected automatically by the system. Selecting the right and suitable VPN will enhance the speed. IPVanish has different IOS open protocols including, IKEv2 and IPsec.


  • Free sign-in through the website
  • Supported by SOCKS5 proxy
  • Chameleon proprietary metadata scrambler is available for different devices
  • Information available
  • Extra fast


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It is compatible with Chrome Books, Linux Ubuntu, Mac, iPhone, Linux, and Windows.


Logo: VyprVPN

It is created by Golden Frog situated in Switzerland. There are 2 million users of VyprVPN all over the world. VyprVPN allows you to connect five different devices at the same time. Based on 700 servers and 200,000 IP addresses.

It is available in Linux Ubuntu, Mac, iPhone, Linux, windows, and Open ELEC smart devices. 256-bit encryption available and supported by SOCKS5 proxy. Kill switch service is available for Mac and Windows. Split tunneling is available for apps but not for devices. This is the most secure VPN service so if you are much more concerned about your privacy and speed then try this one. It’s two in one service that will help you a lot in your work.


  • Firewall is present
  • Supported by SOCKS5 proxy
  • Compatible with Blackphone and Anonabox
  • The chameleon protocol is available


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OVPN is a high-end VPN provider from Sweden which is highly focused on privacy. It is characterized by technically flawless and advanced data security. OpenVPN standards, secure DNS services, and multi-hop are also available. As a premium provider, OVPN offers its users appropriate speed and customer service.

OVPN has robust encryption and a good server presence in a number of countries. Moreover, this provider also allows P2P file sharing over their services which is a big plus. OVPN does not log any user’s data and there are no hard drives used with their servers. OVPN also allows accessing geo-blocked streaming content. Customer service is available through personal direct contact with the client.


  • Perfect security
  • Easy payment methods
  • All platforms compatibility


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OVPN Plans

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Editor Choice

If you are looking for the fastest VPN, try Nord VPN. It’s so speedy that you don’t even notice any delay when you connect. Not only speed but, NordVPN is by far the best in price, speed, and trademarks.

Its supportive staff will answer every question you may have. If you are concerned about such matters, I recommend NordVPN, the best and fastest VPN of 2024.


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