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Below are a few resources around media player accessibility. With so many of us embedding multimedia content in our sites and apps it’s key that we think about not just the accessibility of the player but also alternative formats, the user journey to the player and onward journeys from the player.

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Below are a collection of formal guidelines from W3C.

Below are a list of standards and guidelines outside of W3C that relate to multimedia accessibility.

Accessible Media players

Disclaimer: I have not tested all the players below so they are self-proclaimed accessible players.

Alternative formats

This section covers captions / subtitles, sign language and audio description.


Audio description

Captioning / Subtitles

Captioning guidelines from the USA

Below is a list of standards and guidelines outside of WCAG that I believe relate to the legal requirement for captioning in the USA:. The following list is evolving:


HTML5 video

Blogs and articles

Disclaimer: I was not sidetracked into watching any TV in researching this blog post. Not one bit.