Adventures in the Arctic hits the news

While wandering around the web looking at a couple of dog sledding sites I came across Crazy Musher a fellow dog sledder who went on the exact same route as we did in Alta, the Arctic Circle in Norway. Crazy Musher was raising money for the Scott Polar Research Institute and had the initiative to take along a BBC journalist to record the trip.

This short TV news item describes and shows the same route we followed as well as interviews with our lovely Viking guide Pre Thore…

3 thoughts on “Adventures in the Arctic hits the news

  1. Wondering if you’re Henny the Swan who I met in Madrid (remember me and Bea?). What were you up to in Norway? email me and let me know how I can help your friend. /vera

  2. Vera, can’t believe it’s you! Tried tracking you down a couple of time but with no luck…anyway, will write you an email now!


  3. Hi Hen! (It’s me, the B mentioned above)
    I just sent u an email. Did it arrive? If not, please give me your current adress.

    Tjao. /Beatrice

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