Last year Opera released data from MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application), a search engine that trawls web pages and returns results detailing page structures, what HTML, CSS, and script is used.

MAMA examined 3,509,180 URLs in 3,011,668 domains  and returned results on how many pages validate (only 4.13%), how many use Flash (33.5%), how FRAMES were used, images, CSS and so on.

This has given us such useful insights into how web developers are using code that Brian Wilson, who runs MAMA, is planning a second run and is interested in knowing what more we can check for. Some of the things I’d like to see assessed are support for ARIA, HTML5 attributes and how headings are structured.

If you have ideas leave a comment and we’ll look at getting it included. I can’t promise it will be possible to add everything but we’ll do what we can. Don’t forget to check MAMA and see what we already cover first.