Blogging W4A and WWW 2008 from Beijing

I’m currently at the Web 4 All and WWW 2008 conferences which are running side-by-side throughout this week in Beijing, China. It’s great to be back after almost 6 years away and I’m really looking forward to meeting people and talking about the web, standards and what’s going on in China. I worked in Shanghai years ago and and am curious to see how things are moving on and what I can learn.

Having got off the plane this morning and walked straight into the sessions I plan to cover some of them in this blog as well post thoughts on Twitter and photos on Flickr. I’ll also be speaking myself on “Making the web accessible for both mobile devices and people with disabilities” and will post the slides online later in the week.

If you see any sessions that you’re interested in let me know and I’ll see if I can cover them.