User testing observations with disabled mobile users

Below are a handful of observations from user testing on mobile websites and applications I’ve seen recently. All users had some form of disability including people with limited mobility, sight impairments, cognitive impairments  dyslexia or hearing loss. Testing was carried out using Android or iOS with blind users accessing using the TalkBack or VoiceOver screen readers respectively.… Continue Reading User testing observations with disabled mobile users

Tutorial: making Android apps voice output accessible

I published my first tutorial in .Net Magazine this week: Making Android apps voice output accessible. Android accessibility get’s less press than iOS accessibility so it’s nice to see it get an airing alongside the lovely Leonie Watson’s tutorial on making your iOS app accessible with VoiceOver. Big thank you to .Net.

New accessibility techniques in iOS6

iOS6 introduces some new accessibility techniques to help make your apps more accessible. In doing so Apple have also addressed a bug of mine which makes me happy. So without further ado here’s a super-quick overview.