At CSUN next week I’ll be on a panel alongside Léonie Watson, Sarah Lewthwaite, Kath Moonan and Lisa Herrod tacking the thorny topic of does accessibility have to be perfect? (good job these ladies are fiesty).

Area’s we’ll cover are:


Do web accessibility guidelines do more damage than good?


There is a clear professional and legal imperative for striving for perfect accessibility. Is the risk of not pursuing this goal too high for organisations or is the goal of ‘perfect accessibility’ itself too high?


Can we really teach accessibility well to everyone who needs to know about it?


Involving diverse users in user testing is essential for any project, but is the customer always right?


Disability is so complex and variable can we even agree what ‘perfect accessibility’ is?


Striving for perfection in one area may come at a cost. Should we cater for the greatest goood for the greatest number?

We’d love to know what you think and gather a few opinions ahead of time so tweet, comment, blog, let us know what you think.  If this has whet your appetite you may also want to check out Ian Pouncey’s session cyberethics and accessibility. I’ll also be presenting making the mobile web accessible. If you can’t make it I’ll be tweeting tidbits and blogging what I can.

Update 6th March 2012

Huge thanks to the tireless Joe Dolson who took extensive notes during the session. I have no idea how he managed to keep up but he did.