Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

Finally, after a long road of writing, editing, approving and everything else you can imagine I’m happy to say that a draft version of the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines is finally published.

The guidelines live on the BBC Future Media Standards and Guidelines site

The guidelines are available in Word and accessible PDF format. Each checkpoint includes a rational as well as techniques in HTML, Android and iOS with each listing examples, common failures and evaluation criteria. You can read more about how they evolved on the BBC blog. They are a work in progress with the next version already in production so now is a great time to let us know of any queries, comments or additions.

I personally have a funny relationship with standards and guidelines. I see them as an essential part if what we do when developing websites and applications but I recognise the pain points they represent to people trying to use them. Now that the bulk of the thinking has been done to make the BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines a reality we’ll be looking at ways we can make them more usable, useful and relevant when working day to day. So keep an eye out for further announcements of new tools and demos to support the guidelines.

I’ve been wanting to write mobile guidelines for years, pre the watershed with the launch of iOS and the explosion of social networking, so I have to say a huge thank you to BBC and in particular Gareth Ford Williams (BBC) for sponsoring this. Other thanks go to Ian Pouncey (BBC), Jamie Knight (BBC) and Jonathan Avila (SSB Bart Group) who’s combined genius and dedication made this happen.

For more background have a read of the BBC Internet Blog.


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