Happy Chinese New year 新年快乐!

Happy year of the Ox (牛), a year that should be one of prosperity through fortitude and hard work according to the Chinese Zodiac. Chinese New Year is a great time for getting those new years resolutions that have got derailed since the calender new year up and running. So without further ado here is my to do list for 2009 – 2010 (and you can hold me to it):

  • Perfect the art of making noodle soup – just can’t quite get it right…all tips and hints welcome.
  • Redesign my blog – this is long overdue and needs some HTML 5 and WCAG 2.0 magic.
  • Get back to kung fu – first class Thursday.
  • Set up an accessibility hack day in universities(s) in the UK along the lines of Scripting Enabled and Project Possibility – who’s in? Looking for mentors, uni’s and hacks inspired by real users.
  • Translate, 翻译, traduir, menerjemahkan, переводить – I’m lucky enough to work with the WaSP International Liaison Group and a big push for us this year is to get more juicy web design articles translated. Volunteers welcome…
  • Get Stephan Fry talking about accessibility – worth a shot.
  • Go to Burning Man – been talking about it for years and now it’s time.
  • Get a dog.

Happy new year folks.

Off topic: I love the fact that URLs now support non latin text *points up to the URL box*. Opens up the readability of the web to non-English speakers in an English-centric world.

Update: Accessify has paged Stephen Fry over Twitter, please help us spread the word.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too Lawrence…I keep thinking of that wonderful Chinese restaurant you took ys to in San Diago. What a treat that was 🙂

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