Islab: Second Life search


Islab is described as the official search tool for Second Life and is the latest addition to my list of slashups: mashups for Second Life. This is the best out of world search tool I’ve found so far making finding people, places and information so much more efficient and accessible than relying on the search in-world.

The joy of Islab is that it can search in-world as well as search through wikis, blogs and forums on the web. This is really handy if you are researching something but for some reason can’t get into SL to use the in-world search tool. I suspect for many that it may be the search option of choice as well as it is easier to use than the search in-world and also saves jumping between the client and the web when looking stuff up.

Although the search was only launched in November the Islab Community has been around since 2006 working away to help users better learn and experience the 3D internet and promote open source development. Islab is Chinese owned and run and aims to act as “a bridge between the chinese community and the outside world”. It’s an interesting irony that the Islab community sees itself as a bridge between the Chinese community and the outside world and yet is a bridge between virtual and real worlds.

If you want to find out more visit the Islab community in-world or check out the Islab blog. If you’ve used Islab, leave a comment, I’d be interested to hear what you think.