Leading the WaSP International Liasion Group

I’m really excited and honoured to say that together with Lisa Herrod, aka Scenariogirl , I will be taking over leadership of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) International Liaison Group (ILG).

We’ll be stepping up to the table to replace Glenda Sims aka Glenda the Goodwitch and Steph Troeth (a tough double act to follow if ever there was one) who have done an amazing job creating a dynamic group of international web standards advocates. Glenda is moving on to be a WaSP co lead while Steph is getting more involved in the Education Task Force who are doing amazing work on the Curriculum Project . Glenda and Steph – you’ll be missed!

To give you some background ILG is an international collective of web professionals promoting the global use of standards to ensure an equitable Web. objectives of the group are:

  • Discuss with and inform the public about Web standards and accessibility issues as they relate to the practices and laws within particular countries and/or regions
  • Publish multilingual educational information
  • Provide resources about Web standards through such outreach as blogs, books, articles, presentations, code, design, vision and leadership
  • Internationalize relevant documents and resources for the public use
  • Encourage and invigorate international discussion about the Web
  • Study how the Web is and will be used in a global context

For translations of these objectives visit the translations of ILG goals and objectives page.

Having worked in the group for over a year now I’ve been lucky enough to get to know many of the fifty plus members who are located all over the world. They’re an impressive bunch of people and I can’t wait to get more involved. Come September I’ll be travelling more; attending conferences and on tours, and I hope to meet more folks, not just from ILG but involved in web standards everywhere, in person and learn more about what is going on in various countries and regions.

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