Learning web standards just got easier

Courtesy of Chris Mills over at Dev.Opera and a crack team of web pro’s, yesterday saw the launch of Opera’s Web Standards Curriculum. This is a unique set of resources that outline what you need to know when building standards compliant web sites.

Aimed at web designers, developers, content editors or just about anyone with an interest in the general health of the web, the Curriculum is a set of articles covering everything about web design from wireframing to coding and designing all written with web standards in mind.

Quite apart from the fact that this is a fantastic resource in itself there are a few other major pluses about the Curriculum:

  • It’s not a one off, this will be updated and maintained as the web moves on;
  • It’s free;
  • It is available under Creative Commons to you can use it when teaching yourself;
  • You have the benefit of the wisdom of not just one expert but many talented writers who are all experts in their fields.

Being the most standards compliant browser out there, Opera has long been advocating for an open and standards orientated web. The Opera browser does it’s job so website owners should be doing theirs, that way website owners and web users alike get the most out of the web.

To quote one of the contributing authors Chris Heilmann “Read it, use it and teach younglings the way of the standards yedi!”


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