More lovely deliciousness from the Web Standards Curriculum

Today sees the next batch of Opera’s Web Standards Curriculum articles published bringing the total up to a very impressive 39.

It seems that this batch is especially dedicated to authors with doubled barreled names as latest additions include Accessibility Basics by Tom Hughs-Croucher and Accessibility Testing by Ben Hawkes-Lewis. Or maybe someone figured accessibility was be important or something…

Two new additions to the HTML section include Creating Multiple Pages with Navigatin Menus from Christian Heilmann and Validating your HTML from Mark Norman Francis. The CSS section also gets a whole lot of love with articles contributed from the likes of Christian Heilmann, Tommy Olsson, Ben Henick, Nicole Sullivan and Ben Buchanan. And there’s still more to come with the JavaScript section so stay tuned.

Web Standards Curriculum forum

If you have feedback or ideas to contribute then drop by the forums and tell people what you think. It would be great to hear about how the Curriculum is being used.


One of the problems with web standards is that so much is in English and not enough in other languages. If you’re a non English speaker and would like to get involved in helping translate the Curriculum have a chat to Chris Mills in the forum.

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