Open letter initiative – mobile access for blind users

One of the readers of this blog has been in touch a couple of time to let me know about the Open Letter Initiative for blind mobile phone users.

This letter is addressed to any company with an intrest in mobile technologies including developers, research scientists, organisations and politicians. The open letter informs about the perfect mobile device for blind persons, screen reader software for mobile platforms, mobile internet access, satellite navigation for blind pedestrians, mobile access to map data, accuracy of GPS receivers, self-help, commonalities of blindness and dyslexia/illiteracy, accessibility, corporate responsibility, proposals for Nokia’s and Google’s public relations and the importance of free software and affordable cell phones for the many blind people from developing or newly industrializing countries.

Help the initiative by promoting it to friend, family, within your workplace or via your blogs. Many thanks Per for the tip off.

2 thoughts on “Open letter initiative – mobile access for blind users

  1. Hi Henny, here is an update: I have written lots of mails to Nokia, Google, the Android developer community and to all kind of disseminators to convince them of the importance of affordable and accessible mobile technology for blind persons. Perhaps my work wasn’t as useless as I thought for a long time:

  2. Like you Per I’d also like to see more accessibility on mobile devices. I’d read the NY article about TV Raman but not the Nokia one so thanks for posting.

    I spoke at a W3C workshop on social networking and the opportunity and risk for disabled and older users to access across devices I’d be interested to know what yo think and please do keep me updated with all the projects you are working on – really good stuff.

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