Opera Fingertouch (no sniggering at the back) what else do you want?

This is a new feature for mobile browsing from Opera that I absolutely love. Rather than fiddle around trying to hit that all important link or form field on a touch screen Opera Findertouch allows you to select and magnify the content then select your preferred link from there.

I love this as it makes browsing just that little bit easier and much more accessible if you find navigating tricky due to reduced sight, shaky fingers or even if you are moving about when browsing.

So if your granny still isn’t convinced with this mobile browsing malarky maybe now is the time to start.

More info about the challenges and process behind Fingertouch can be found on Opera Labs. Alternatively video below or view it using Easy YouTube.

Just goes to show, a little innovation can go a long way. Any suggestions for new features are always welcome.

If you want to use Easy YouTube then just drag this Easy YouTube bookmarklet to your browser toolbar or bookmark it.

2 thoughts on “Opera Fingertouch (no sniggering at the back) what else do you want?

  1. It looks like the content of this article got duplicated when you published. The duplication begins after “bookmark it.”

    Certainly looks…heh…handy! 😛

  2. Fixed. Not been having much lick with WordPress lately, equally it may be because my internet connection keeps dropping so changes I’m trying to save get lost 🙁

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