RNIB Surf Right toolbar (Beta) just launched

Together with the lovely people over at the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium, Steve Faulkner and Jun, and The Paciello Group we’ve been busy creating the RNIB Surf Right Toolbar.

The Surf Right Toolbar is designed to make adjusting certain options within Internet Explorer quicker and easier, using either the mouse or keyboard. It’s a really handy tool for people who need a little bit of customisation within a page to make it more readable. You can switch styles, fonts, colours, turn of JavaScript if you’re getting annoyed with unsolicited page refreshes as well as images that slow you down on dial up.

We’re hoping this will be a handy tool for anyone unfamiliar with browsing, aging and finding web pages tricky to use.

Information about the Surf Right Toolbar can be found on the RNIB website together with help files and download information.

Most of all though we’re really interested in your feedback so tell the RNIB what you think!

Download the Surf Right Toolbar.