ScriptEnabled: get mashed be accessible

ScriptEnabled is  the brainchild of Chris Heilmann from Yahoo!. Scheduled to happen in September (date as yet unconfirmed) it’s billed as the first ever "accessibility hack day":

The aim of the conference is to break down the barriers between disabled users and the social web as much as giving ethical hackers real world issues to solve. We talked about improving the accessibility of the web for a long time – let’s not wait, let’s make it happen.

This was inspired by Chris’s work building accessible YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare API’s and is a great opportunity to really start making the bits of the web we really want to hang out on accessible to everyone. If the line up on the ScriptEnabled Yahoo! Group is anything to go by this should be an amazing day as some top developers and accessibility folk will be attending. So join up, spread the word and if you or any of your friends, family or colleagues have accessibility needs then come along and tell people what would really work.