polar pictures and tales from the trail

Some stories about the trip, photo’s and a slideshow, with audio and video coming soon. Thanks again for all the donations, having aimed for 3k a massive 7.5k has been raised and a customised wheelchair already bought for Sam, so thank you. That’s it, no more hasseling you for money, promise…

time to defrost

. Back in one piece after covering well over 250k in what can be described as the most extreme and cold environment I’ve ever been in. Having arrived in – 8, temperatures dropped to – 35. Mad cold but that’s what Iwent there for, to see what it’s really like. Only fell off the sled… Continue Reading time to defrost

The Mutley Crew

We have the technology. We have a signal. We have pictures, live (well, almost) from the arctic circle. We might even see the nice side of the dogs sometime soon. Message from Henny; Staying by Swan Lake tonight. So cold today, my eyelashes froze which makes blinking interesting. My dogs are still behaving like speed… Continue Reading The Mutley Crew

Unleash the hounds!

By text from the Artic;Finished first day of 30k breaking a trail through some woods up hill 2 flat plains with a low, barely there orange sun. Bright and warm one minute then windy snowy freezing the next. Goggles steamed up and then froze. Got off 2 a less than professional start having run around… Continue Reading Unleash the hounds!