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Inspired by Al Duggin’s browser based tests for accessibility in his kick ass post building a web page with accessibility and interoperability in mind, I thought I’d put some tests together for mobile. This is intended as a guide you can use in day-to-day testing – you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to each question.

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Thank you to Caleb Tang, Kath Moonan, Veronika Jermolina for inviting me to speak at their Mobile Inclusive Design event in London last night, held by the Usability Experience Professional’s Association. It was a lovely crowd and good to see some old faces.Continue Reading Mobile UX 4 Accessibility – UXPA meetup slides

Kevin Chao seems to be everywhere tweeting, commenting and contributing to lists about various products and companies ranging from Apple, NVDA, Adobe, Google and Android. He’s a student, visually impaired and lives in the USA and as he himself admits loves to ‘get under the hood’ of technologies to see how they work and how they can be improved.

Like Jamie Knight, who I interviewed a couple of years ago, Kevin has an in incredibly in-depth knowledge of his field and gives a lot back to the web as a whole. I was lucky enough to grab some of his precious time to ask him a few questions about the state of accessibility across desktop and mobile as well as screen readers, WAI ARIA and HTML5.

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There are a few fundamental checks you can run on mobile web content and native apps to test screen reader support on mobile. The good news is that while there are clearly some differences the key principles of web accessibility on the desktop are true also for the mobile. This applies to the mobile web, web apps and native apps.

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Testing your content on mobile need not be as painful as you think. If you have an Android and iOS device then you already either have a free mobile screen reader in your pocket or it’s a short download away. This is a quick guide to get you set up.Continue Reading Talk is cheap – screen reader testing on mobile

Last night I was lucky enough to have a slot speaking at the uber wonderful Accessibility Summit put on by Christopher Schmitt, Ari Stiles and Environments for Humans. Long time Twitter friend and online colleague Deborah Edwards-Onorio (@redcrew) took the time to capture some of what I presented along with a few pictures and Tweets that really succinctly summarised what I said.

So this is me being very lazy and pointing you at Deborah’s write up of integrating accessibility across devices and saying a huge thank you to Deborah!

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