Slashups: Web 2.0 mashups for Second Life

Slashups , Second Life mashups, are the answer to merging your existing web content such as photo’s, music and bookmarks into Second Life. Objects within SL can get data from, or post data to, the web. Conversely your networking sites on the web can post data to, or get data from, SL. It’s kind of similar to Facebook where you can interact with your favorite sites by adding them as applications, streaming data from your Flickr, LastFM, and blog accounts.

I like the whole idea around slashups because not only does this provide a fast track to accessing content in world and on the web making it all more accessible, it also allows you to seamlessly reuse and merge what you have already created online linking it back to your SL self.

I wrote about Sloog recently and that got me thinking: what other slashups are out there? Having had a look around I thought I’d start listing what I’ve found:

  1. Sloog: A bookmarking service, similar to you can tag, share and access locations in SL via your bookmarks saved on the site. To use it pick up a HUD in-world, attach it to yourself from your inventory and away you go. You can post to Sloog via channel /7 using the chat feature in world.
  2. BlogHUD: This is a tool that enables you to blog directly from SL to As a PRO user you can post to your own external blog if you use WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Friendster and TypePad. Posts come with a map location of where you posted from in SL, along with RSS feeds to subscribe to for your favorite people or places. BogHud uses channel /9.
  3. Slurl: Second Life URL provides teleport links from web pages to locations in SL. When you click on a link you’ll be taken to a map page which shows you the location of the place, a teleport button or the option to sign up to SL if you’re not already a member.
  4. Gridmarker: A lot like Slurl Gruidmarker allows you to create SL urls that you can access anywhere.
  5. TwitterBox: It seems only fitting that if Twitter has an application in Facebook that it should also be accessible in SL. Twitterbox enables you to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life. Use channel /282 to tweet.
  6. Last Sound System: Stream in your favorite music from Last FM directly into SL.
  7. Facebook: You can pretty much access all your networked content via Facebook so it’s no surprise that there are a couple of applications that support SL: Second Life link and Second Friends. Both enable you to see if your SL friends are online, share your virtual home and favorite locations in-world.

Eduserve Island has a slashup space, an area for experimenting with learning orientated web 2.0 mashups within SL and is worth a visit if you want to start playing around with ideas. I’m sure there are many more examples of slashups out there, this is the kind of thing that’s just going top grow and grow and is representative of the potential SL has. If you know of any more slashups then post a comment and I’ll get them listed.