WCAG 2.0 is ready to be test drived

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) have just announced that WCAG 2.0 is to go into Candidate Recommendation.

This is the final stage before WCAG 2.0 formally takes over from WCAG 1.0 and means two things:

1. Feedback from the community received by the WCAG Working Group has been reviewed and a broad consensus on the technical content has been met.

2. The Guidelines are now ready to be tested by the community on their web projects and the Working Group is looking for feedback on implementations.

If you want to get involved in providing feedback then the WCAG Working Group ask that let them know by 23 May 2008. Actual implementations are due by 30 June 2008. This seems like a pretty short timespan but your feedback does not have to be based on an entire site being built to WCAG 2.0, it can only be sections or parts. What the Working Group are after are good examples of implementations of guidelines under WCAG 2.0.

To find out how to provide feedback visit Instructions for Commenting on WCAG 2.0 Documents

The different WCAG 2.0 documents that the WCAG Working Group updated with this publication are introduced in Overview of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Documents.

To find out more about it visit the W3C Questions and Answers blog.