How to Install Whatsapp With a Virtual Phone Number

Getting a free virtual number for Whatsapp is no longer a hard job. You just need to know some quick hacks to help you crack this task.

Keep going through our guide and install Whatsapp with ease. Over a long time, several innovative features of the internet have been benefiting us.

Further, they have become a major part of our lives now. These features facilitate us in every aspect of our life.

Without this facility, our lives would be all over the place. In other words, the medium we use, to benefit from the rapidly advancing technology, is our smartphone and other gadgets.

The goal is to have everything on the fingertips and this is what the internet does for us.

Nothing is difficult now with the introduction of this technology as it is fulfilling our everyday needs quite superbly.

Communication is one thing covered perfectly well by some amazing applications like WhatsApp.

This is one app that you will find on every phone. Also, it’s growing popularity and extreme usefulness is what makes this app a necessity in every phone today.

Moreover, its multiple features cover all dimensions of communication and make interacting with others so much easier.

Where can Whatsapp be used?

Whatsapp is an application that serves the purpose of making communication easy and convenient perfectly.

Also, it integrates the features of so many other apps like Skype, Instagram, IMO, and so many more. Hence, accumulating all of them into one app.

You can use it for business communication, chatting with friends, and talking to your loved ones.

In short, you have an app in WhatsApp that will provide you with a platform to talk to anyone, anytime.

No difference in time zones, borders, or distance can keep you from interacting with the people you wish to talk to.

Eventually, all these features and some more, that you are just about to find out, will make you regard Whatsapp even highly.

Features of Whatsapp

Here are the several features that set Whatsapp apart.

  • It helps communicate with your circle via text, call, voice notes, and even video calls for in-person interaction.
  • There are no restrictions or limits to how many texts or calls you can exchange. And so, you can enjoy yourself for as long as you want.
  • Exchange all kinds of media including texts, images, audios, and videos, etc.
  • Set up a profile picture for yourself and give your account identity. You can name your account as well.
  • You can add eye-catching wallpapers to your chats and style your WhatsApp as well.
  • Update statuses and share all your special moments with your friends.
  • Chat while forming groups with your friends. Do it by arranging conference calls, video calls, and sharing your favorite media.
  • Use fun-filled and exciting emojis to convey your emotions to the recipient and add life to your chats with this feature.
  • Be aware of when your message has been sent and received by the recipient through single, double, and blue ticks.
  • Set your account’s privacy in whatever way you are comfortable with. Allow or hide your contact details and statuses with the people you feel are trustworthy.
  • Use the ghost features like hiding your last seen, or disabling your read receipts, to avoid being noticed unwantedly.
  • Mark the important messages with a star, and go back to read them whenever you feel like doing so.
  • Block the unwanted contact to avoid unnecessary interactions and keep your Whatsapp free from this annoyance.
  • Backup your messages and media to keep your important data safe on your phone.

A virtual phone number

While trying the crafty ways of using WhatsApp to your advantage, there are certain features you should know.

A virtual phone number is a number that does not physically exist in the form of a sim card.

It is a small removable card that saves the mobile data coming from the telecommunication organizations. Also, it carries a user identity module.

These virtual numbers imitate the functioning of a sim card. They transfer all the texts, images, audios, videos, and documents through the internet.

Further, there are different features you can get for a virtual phone number. It is called a free internet phone number that aids the verification of smartphone apps.

It is different from the usual verification method of being done via email and OTP verification.

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How is it different?

There are numerous features of getting a free virtual number for Whatsapp that differentiate it from a regular number. Here’s how:

  • The basic package is free of cost and adds no charges for usage.
  • It provides more privacy and gives greater security to your account.
  • The virtual number helps create a fake WhatsApp account without even requiring an actual phone number.
  • You can rely on it as it ensures 100% security and safe functioning
  • Making your contacts invisible, it guarantees complete privacy.
  • A virtual number saves you from the hassle of getting a sim card for a valid phone number.
  • Smoothening the verification process, it eliminates time lags and delays.
  • You can create several WhatsApp accounts without getting a new number every time.
  • It is a service that works perfectly fine for people in rural areas with poor connectivity of the Internet.

How to get a virtual phone number?

Availing this chance of getting a free virtual number for Whatsapp should now be your next step, without any delay.

No matter what device you operate, you can download the virtual number of apps quite feasibly.

Navigate to any search engine on your gadget and download the respective app without compatibility issues.

As you search for options to do so, check out the super-useful apps that will guide you forward.



The top-ranked application for getting a virtual phone number is Primo. Its compatibility with Android and iOS devices makes it the best choice.

On installing the application, launch the app, and sign up. As a result, you will receive an OTP for verification on your phone number, and your Primo app will then be active.

The next step you take is to create your own free virtual number for Whatsapp.

Use a country code for your desired number and have your number verified by getting a verification code on Primo.

Your Whatsapp will be set as you enter the code and you can enjoy your new account now!



The next option available is Textplus and is extremely popular amongst the crafty users of Whatsapp.

It is a highly recommended application that offers unique features. The installation process of Textplus is quite similar to that of Primo.

To begin with, download the app from a store and sign up. Log your details in and proceed forward by accepting the terms and conditions.

Moving forward, the next step will require a state to create a number of your choice and you are good to go! Make unlimited calls, texts, video calls, etc.

Furthermore, exchange images, voice notes, documents, GIFs, and more using these apps.

textPlus: Text Message + Call
textPlus: Text Message + Call
Developer: textPlus
Price: Free
‎textPlus: Text Message + Call
‎textPlus: Text Message + Call



Speaking of a virtual phone number app, it is fair to say that Hushed comes as a big name.

Like other apps, it is compatible with Android and iOS, both. Its procedure of installation is basic as followed by Primo and Textplus.

You just have to sign up, fetch your OTP for verification. After that, generate a number for yourself, using whatever country code you like.

Get started and enjoy the full range of options available on WhatsApp.

‎Hushed - 2nd Phone Number
‎Hushed - 2nd Phone Number

Google Voice

Google Voice
Image: Google Play

It is unusual how Google Voice is not as familiar amongst people as a virtual phone number application. Very few users take advantage of this app.

To clarify, it is one of the most efficient apps for generating virtual phone numbers.

Its features stand out, amazingly enough, giving strong competition to even actual phone numbers.

It is a useful app for verification carrying limitless features available. For instance calls, MMS, Voice mails, or other forms of communication.

Google Voice
Google Voice
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
‎Google Voice
‎Google Voice
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Why should I get a virtual phone number?

There are multiple reasons why you should try this hack and discover this new side of Whatsapp.

Therefore, giving this feature a go is something we highly recommend.

As you get your hands on this function, here are a few technical reasons why you should get a free virtual number for Whatsapp.

No compatibility issues

These virtual phone number apps work flawlessly. Also, these virtual phone number applications can work alongside others without affecting them.

There is no harm to the security or privacy of your data on other apps either. Hence, the compatibility issue doesn’t arise.

Eased verification

The unique feature of a virtual number for Whatsapp is that it is connected with its cyber server that simplifies the process of verification.

And so, this is how you can verify your account without entering a valid phone number.

Skip the hassle and get a code through your installed app. Subsequently, get your account running and make your desired use of it.

Hassle-free process

A free virtual number for Whatsapp is the most ideal means to fulfill your purpose of communicating securely and conveniently.

Above all, its promising ability to work in all types of conditions is a lifesaver.

Also, for rural areas with poor Internet connectivity, it is quite a handy option to have on your phone.

You don’t need a proper number, sim card, or even strong Internet connection to take advantage of this app.

Smooth functioning

The virtual phone number apps are designed in such a way that they can accept the task of different phone numbers.

Also, being able to own more than one number is the main perk of these applications.

Eventually, having this as the main feature, the virtual phone number apps facilitate smooth operations with every number you create.

Easily accessible

The amazing feature of being able to attain a number from any part of the world is why you should get a free virtual number for Whatsapp.

And so, you can select any country of your choice and give yourself its identity. In fact, using international numbers is the best offering of these virtual numbers.

However, accessing some countries’ numbers might require a VPN.

Nord Vpn offer

Secured connection

A common issue these days is having unauthorized advertisers contacting people randomly.

It is not just a cause of annoyance, but a threat to security as well.

However, to have your account being safe from a compromise on your privacy, the virtual number for Whatsapp is what you need

The simplicity of the application

As complex as it sounds, it is completely the opposite of it. Getting a virtual number is, by no means, a tough job.

You just have to choose the right option and go ahead with the process of installation and verification.

As a result, you can enjoy all the features of using multiple WhatsApp accounts.

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Summing it up

You have to go through a long research process to hunt for the best alternative.

Going through numerous methods, and getting a unique verification code is still tough.

However, with these thoroughly tested techniques, you will have your job made very easy.

Your efforts in finding out a proper solution will be saved going through going these recommendations.

They have been extremely useful in the past, and even now, they do the job perfectly fine.

Have fun with the amazing features of these applications and experience WhatsApp in numerous other ways.

Take advantage of these applications, even when you have a poor internet connection.

Moreover, don’t let any barriers to entertainment get in your way as you get yourself the best of now.

The application you go for is your choice. You can select the one you think is most suited for you and will give you the most utility.

Our suggestions guide you throughout the process. Use these ideas, not just for yourself, but with more people in your circle as well.

Lastly, get a stronghold on this virtual phone number feature. Also, equip yourself with these fine ideas and have fun!


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