Pochita in Chainsaw Man: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of manga and anime, you might have heard of Chainsaw Man, a dark fantasy series created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story centers around a young man named Denji, who becomes a devil hunter and partner of a devil named Pochita, who transforms into a chainsaw when summoned.

Pochita is a key character in the series, and his fate is a central mystery that drives the plot. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about Pochita in Chainsaw Man, from his origins to his significance.

Who is Pochita?

Pochita is a unique devil, as he is a hybrid of a chainsaw and a dog. His appearance resembles that of a small white puppy with a chainsaw for a nose and a tail. Pochita is also known as the “Chainsaw Devil” as he is the most powerful and feared devil in the series, capable of cutting through anything with his chainsaw. However, Pochita is not evil or malicious, but rather loyal and affectionate, as he bonds with Denji and protects him from harm.

Pochita’s Origin Story

Pochita is a devil who originally resided in Hell. He was captured by the Yakuza and used to create chainsaws that could kill devils. However, Pochita managed to escape and ended up on Earth, where he met Denji. After Denji’s father used him as collateral in a deal with the Yakuza, Denji was left with nothing but Pochita. In order to survive, Denji merged with Pochita, becoming a devil-human hybrid.

Pochita’s Relationship with Denji

Pochita and Denji have a close relationship throughout the series. At first, Denji sees Pochita as nothing more than a tool to help him survive. However, as the series progresses, Denji begins to see Pochita as a friend and a companion. He even gives Pochita the nickname “Chainsaw” and talks to him as if he were a person.

Role of Pochita in Chainsaw Man

Pochita’s role in Chainsaw Man is complex and multifaceted, as he embodies several themes and motifs of the series. Here are some of the main aspects of Pochita’s role:

  • Friendship: Pochita becomes Denji’s best friend and family, as they share a deep bond of trust and love. Pochita is always by Denji’s side, even when he is in danger or facing death. Pochita’s loyalty and devotion inspire Denji to become a better person and to fight for his own happiness and freedom.
  • Power: Pochita is the source of Denji’s power as a devil hunter, as he provides the chainsaw that Denji can summon and use to fight other devils. Pochita’s chainsaw is a symbol of destruction and creation, as it can both cut through enemies and create new paths. Pochita’s power also attracts the attention of other devil hunters and devils, who want to possess or eliminate him.
  • Mystery: Pochita’s origin and purpose are shrouded in mystery, as he appears to have a hidden agenda or secret plan. Pochita’s true identity and motives are hinted at throughout the series but remain elusive and enigmatic. Pochita’s mystery adds to the suspense and intrigue of the story, as readers wonder what will happen to him and to Denji.
  • Sacrifice: Pochita’s fate is a tragic one, as he sacrifices himself to save Denji from a powerful devil named Makima. Pochita’s sacrifice is a turning point in the series, as it marks the end of the first arc and the beginning of a new phase of the story. Pochita’s sacrifice also highlights the theme of selflessness and the value of life, as he chooses to give up his own life to protect Denji’s.

Significance of Pochita in Chainsaw Man

Pochita’s significance in Chainsaw Man goes beyond his role as a character, as he represents several key concepts and values of the series. Here are some of the main significances of Pochita:

  • Identity: Pochita’s hybrid nature reflects the theme of identity and hybridity, as many characters in the series struggle with their own identity and try to find a sense of belonging. Pochita’s chainsaw-dog form also blurs the boundary between nature and technology, as he embodies both the wildness and the mechanization of the modern world.
  • Love: Pochita’s love for Denji and vice versa illustrates the theme of love and its transformative power, as their friendship transcends the boundaries of species and morality. Pochita’s love also contrasts with the lack of love and empathy that many other characters display, as they are driven by their own desires and ambitions.
  • Death: Pochita’s death and resurrection symbolize the theme of death and rebirth, as many characters in the series die and come back to life, often changed or transformed. Pochita’s death also marks a transition from the first phase of the story to the second, as it sets the stage for new conflicts and challenges.
  • Mythology: Pochita’s status as the Chainsaw Devil and the most powerful devil in the series echoes the theme of mythology and the supernatural, as the series draws on various mythological and folkloric traditions from around the world. Pochita’s powers and abilities also reflect the theme of imagination and creativity, as the series portrays the devil hunters and devils as artists who use their powers to create and destroy.

Pochita’s significance also extends to the fan community of Chainsaw Man, as many readers have become attached to him and invested in his story. Pochita has inspired fan art, cosplay, and memes, and his catchphrase “wan” (which means “woof” in Japanese) has become a popular meme in itself. Pochita’s popularity among fans reflects the series’ appeal to a wide range of readers, who enjoy its mix of action, humor, and drama.

Pochita Powers and Abilities

As the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita possesses incredible power, which he shares with Denji through their contract. When Denji transforms into Chainsaw Man, he gains the ability to manifest chainsaws from his body, including his arms and head. These chainsaws are not only powerful weapons against devils but also grant Denji incredible speed, agility, and durability.

Pochita’s powers are not limited to physical enhancements. He also has the ability to consume devils, erasing them from existence and effectively removing the fear associated with them. This power plays a significant role in the series and showcases the true potential of Pochita’s abilities.

Pochita Forms

Pochita’s forms are an important aspect of Chainsaw Man’s story and themes. They reflect Pochita’s bond with Denji, his role as a devil who defies expectations, and his influence on the world of devils and humans.

Near-Death Form

Near Death Form

Pochita’s near-death form is how he appears for most of the series. In this form, he looks like a small orange dog with a chainsaw-like appendage on his head. He has handles on his body that allow him to be wielded as a chainsaw, and his tail is shaped like a pull cord.

He communicates through barks and whines like an actual dog. He is very friendly and loyal to Denji, a young man who rescued him from dying on the streets.

Original Devil Form

Original Devil Form
Image : Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Pochita’s Original devil form is revealed in chapter 97 of the manga. In this form, he is a large humanoid devil with four arms and a chainsaw on each arm. He also has another chainsaw on his head, similar to Denji’s hybrid form.

He has an intestine wrapped around his neck like a scarf or a collar. He is very powerful and feared by other devils as the “Hero of Hell”. He can devour and erase other devils from existence with his chainsaws.

Hybrid Form

Hybrid Form
Image : MAPPA

Pochita’s hybrid form is created when he makes a contract with Denji after saving him from being killed by zombies. Pochita fuses with Denji’s heart and becomes part of his anatomy. This allows Denji to transform into Chainsaw Man by pulling the cord on his chest.

In this form, Pochita is smaller and has lost all his chainsaws except for one on his head. He also has blood vessels connected to Denji. He can communicate telepathically with Denji through dreams.

Future of Pochita in Chainsaw Man

The future of Pochita in Chainsaw Man is uncertain, as the series is still ongoing and has not revealed all of its secrets. However, there are some clues and hints about what might happen to Pochita and how his story might unfold. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Pochita might come back to life: Although Pochita died in the first arc of the series, there are hints that he might return in some form. For example, Denji has a dream in which he sees Pochita alive and well, and some characters have speculated that Pochita might have left behind a part of himself that could be revived. If Pochita does come back, it could have major implications for the story and for Denji’s character development.
  • Pochita might have a hidden agenda: As mentioned earlier, Pochita’s motives and identity are still shrouded in mystery. Some fans have speculated that Pochita might be a key player in a larger scheme or conspiracy and that his death was part of a plan to manipulate Denji or other characters. If Pochita’s true nature is revealed, it could shake the foundations of the series and challenge readers’ assumptions about the characters and the world.
  • Pochita might inspire new devils or devil hunters: Pochita’s legacy as the Chainsaw Devil could inspire other devils or devil hunters to emerge and take up his mantle. For example, some fans have created their own devil designs based on Pochita’s chainsaw-dog form, or have imagined new chainsaw-themed devil hunters. If Pochita’s influence spreads, it could expand the universe of the series and create new possibilities for storytelling.

What is Pochita’s personality like?

Pochita doesn’t have a personality in the traditional sense, but he is often depicted as loyal and protective of Denji.

What is Pochita’s ultimate fate in Chainsaw Man?

Without spoiling too much, Pochita’s fate is a major plot point in the series and is a source of much speculation among fans.

Will Pochita appear in the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding Pochita’s appearance in the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation. However, given his importance in the manga, it’s likely that he will make an appearance in some form.

Is Pochita the main character of Chainsaw Man?

No, Denji is the main character of Chainsaw Man. However, Pochita plays a crucial role in Denji’s story and is a beloved character among fans.

Is Pochita a boy or a girl?

Pochita is referred to as a male character throughout the series.

Is Pochita a dog?

No, Pochita is a devil who is mistaken for a small dog by Denji.

Is Pochita the most powerful devil?

Pochita is considered one of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man due to his incredible strength and abilities. However, there are other devils in the series who is also extremely powerful.

Why is Makima obsessed with Pochita?

Makima’s obsession with Pochita is due to his immense power and potential as a weapon. As a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, Makima seeks to use Pochita to further the organization’s goals and maintain control over devils and their hunters. Additionally, it is suggested that Makima may have a personal connection to Pochita that fuels her obsession.


Pochita is a key character in Chainsaw Man, serving as a loyal friend and powerful ally to Denji. His unique abilities and origin story make him a fascinating character, and his impact on the series as a whole cannot be understated. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or just getting started, understanding everything you need to know about Pochita in Chainsaw Man is essential to fully appreciate the story.


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