Roblox Decal IDs & Spray Paint Codes List 2022

What are Roblox Decal IDs?

Decal is a design that is made on a special kind of paper to transfer it onto another surface durably. It allows the transfer on various surfaces like plastic, porcelain, wall, or even glass.

However, Roblox Decal ids are slightly different. They play with the Graphic User Interface option by spraying paint on such surfaces in the game setting with various kinds of pattern designs or spirits.

In Roblox, the GUI takes two forms, core and custom-made. In the former, you can’t alter the GUI while in the latter you most definitely can. It is the connecting point between the computer and you as it bridges this gap using the Graphical User Interface.

You need these decals to design a structure for your games by assigning their different codes. Every decal you use carries its own code like that of ‘Kitty’, ‘Zombie’, ‘Trump’ and so many more.

These decals form the foundation of your game. Eventually, getting these codes requires paying the gaming currency that is called Robux.

It is quite different from the paper currency we use in our daily lives, and so, is limited for use in the game only.

Roblox Mobile encourages the fact that all the players should have the entire range of tools that they require to enhance their creativity.

Moreover, having full access and authority to create games, the players can devise their own games giving others so much to explore. The genres can vary in multiple categories.

For instance, racing games, fighting games, arcade titles, and so much more are the different genres available.

Also, this platform allows players to design completely new worlds using their imagination and float them around in their circle.

Primarily, this game focuses heavily on creating communities and keeping them together.

Here, we will be taking you through the Roblox decal ids for the year 2022. It is a game that carries further mini-games inside it.

How do Roblox Decal IDs work?

The most amazing part of this experience comes when you play games with your friends and create structures in the wall using various decal ids.

And so, the basic thing you need to design your surfaces is a decal code as different codes create different patterns.

Decal Code
Roblox logo 80373024
Drake 474973374
Spongebob Street Graffiti 51812595
Girl 80514443
Blue Dude 9876543
I <3 Ponies 1234566
Dragon 136931266
Universe 1234562
Bang! 6013360
Twitter Bird 394647608
Halo Helmet 75076726
Kitty 123475161
Cobain’s OMG PIE 123457578
Red Dirt Bike 30155526
Party Hat 12345383
Truck 5961037
Finn and Jake 80684094
John Cena 7564321
Monster Energy Logo 12347578
People on the beach 7713420
Sword Pack 73737627
Trump 415885550
Zombie 57764564
Welcome to Hell Sign 30117799
Contra 1234756
Spongebob Pattern 1234532
Miley Cyrus 144685573
Wizard 80373810
Doge 134079000
Got Milk? 45550210
Haters Gonna Hate 66481956
Angry Patrick Star 13712924
Target and Destroy 69711222
Annoying Orange 76543210
Super Sonic 1234752
AC/DC 12347538
Gravity Coil 23534055
Charizard? 516095478
Super Smash Bros Brawl 2018209
You Can’t See Me; I’m an Invisible Cat 2483186
Anime Girl 1234538
Dominus 69791871
Pikachu 46059313
Universe 1234562

Some Facts About Roblox Decal IDs

As you become part of the Roblox community, there are certain features of this particular platform that you will need to know.

These facts are important to get familiar with as they deal with the game’s basics and unravel all the aspects of the game with clarity. Some of those facts are:

  • With Roblox decal ids, you can make actual money in the game. Using these codes, you can make a currency that is buyable with actual real-life money.
  • Enabling the options of using spray paints, this game opens the door for high customization by allowing the players to play decals of any kind of spray they apply in their world.
  • Some of the codes facilitate you with the tools that help you create your own decals even. This way, you keep adding more and more and more to your collection.
  • Roblox was originally targeted for kids. However, it is now in use with all ages and genders as it brings around a million new users on its platform every month.
  • You can find more than 2 million decal designs in the Roblox’s game arena that shows how creative this platform is and can further be.
  • With Roblox spray paint codes, you can change your game’s background, colors, ornaments, and figures to make it look even more appealing

How to find Roblox Decal IDs?

Now that you know all the codes and, clearly, you have your favorite one fixed in your mind, here’s how can get them.

  • Navigate to the Roblox game application and go to ‘Library’ from there.
  • Next, choose ‘Decals’ and you’ll see a search bar appear.
  • In the search bar, write your keywords, for example, ‘Universe’. It will show you a list of all the relevant decals.
  • By taking your cursor over all the options, you see details of each one appear in front of you. This includes the date of release, the creator, download, and sale.
  • Choose your favourite design from the list by going through the details. Then, select ‘GET TEXT’ on the right part of the pattern.
  • Lastly, copy the code and paste it to your game’

The Final Take

With millions of followers on this platform, it is amazing how entertaining and versatile Roblox is. It is the additional features that add innovation to the game.

The main one here is the decal ids and spray paint codes. And so, more people have been coming in to form part of this community.

You can design multiple patterns in the games and share them with your friends. As a result, the growing popularity has resulted in more variety added from time to time.

Although it was designed for kids, it is now popular among all ages. This user-friendly and enjoyable platform is all suitable for everyone, and so, you need to get on board right now!

If Roblox is outlawed in your country or some of the features are not available to you, try to use a VPN service and fully enjoy the gaming experience.


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