Search Engine Optimization And Social Media: How To Use Them Effectively To Promote Your Business

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an effective marketing strategy that helps search engines pick web pages based on specific browsing topics. While SEO and social media marketing are two distinct strategies that can be implemented on their own, amalgamating them into one effective marketing tactic can boost your company’s growth to a greater extent. While social media can be used to promote your brand’s SEO campaigns, you can also use SEO to attract more followers on your social media platforms.

Follow this guide to learn the right way to implement search engine optimization in social media and grow your business.

Optimize SEO to Allow Sharing

The content you produce for your SEO campaigns should be shareable. With this, your followers on social media can share and promote your campaigns with ease. The idea is to use the images and videos on your social media channels too. Since social media channels also offer new content on the basis of certain keywords and search results, your company’s chance of getting discovered on these platforms increases.

For instance, if you create a blog post with text and images supported by SEO, you can use the same content piece to create a social media post. With this, you can promote your SEO content on your social media while getting new ideas for your social media content plan.

This tactic will drive more traffic to your website, blog post, and social media channels, which will ultimately result in higher revenue and website impressions over time. More importantly, your users should be able to share your content and posts.

This can be done by integrating just one link to your blog post or incorporating a strong Call to Action (CTA). With the right content marketing strategy in place, your posts can go viral too. The more your audience will share, the higher you can rank on the search results pages. This, in turn, is beneficial for your company’s growth.

Bouns Tip: Chat with Customers

All latest themes have a built-in live chat feature to use the quick response for web customers. Most companies set up a chatbot to reply his customers and some of them will use live chat outsource services to entertain their users.

Promote SEO Campaigns on Social Media Channels

When it comes to social media marketing, the quality of followers matters more than the quantity. You can slowly build your follower base by posting consistently and building trust. While powerful content can help build an organic group of potential customers, incorporating SEO can make your content more compelling.

Basically, you need more followers to attract more potential clients, which can also impact your website impressions and ROI. Before you start promoting your SEO campaigns, determine your target audience based on demographics, age, profession, interests, and other aspects. Start by mapping out your users’ location.

If your target audience is located in Australia, seek help from local specialists. With several digital marketers specializing in SEO in Brisbane, you can increase your brand’s local reach and attract potential clients. Widening your local reach should be your main priority as it can take your business to the next level. Next, focus on creating engaging content. Engage your users by creating stories and developing an emotional connection.

This will compel them to share your content across various social media channels. If needed, hire a professional graphic designer, videographer, or content creator to create engaging content. Focus on increasing engagement, and the rest will follow. More importantly, ensure that your content revolves around your brand’s values and core beliefs.

Consider Cross-Promoting Both Campaigns

As mentioned, create content that is optimized for social media platforms as well as SEO campaigns. This will not only strengthen your content plan but also use the same content pieces to cross-promote both campaigns. This can be done by adding your SEO content website link to your social media platform’s profile, and vice versa.

When creating new posts for social media, integrate details about the SEO campaigns in captions or images. Using hashtags is an effective way to promote your posts and campaigns, which is also a part of SEO.

You can either create your own hashtag and compel your followers to use it when resharing or access online tools to generate powerful hashtags for your posts. Since every social media platform allows only a specific number of hashtags, do some research before posting your content. Consider hashtags to be keywords on social media platforms that can massively increase the chance of getting discovered. With this, you are also creating a niche for your brand on social media.

Going back and forth with your SEO and social media campaigns can assure that your products and services are promoted to the right audience type. With some scrutiny and a plan in place, you can effectively manage both strategies and use one to support the other. Since SEO and social media marketing are inexpensive strategies, they do not take up a major part of your marketing budget too.


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