Strategies that will never get old in Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a tough and rather complicated thing to succeed during the market oversaturation era. You never know what trends might come your way and which ones can cause you to go under. So, how can you find what is there working to stay relevant and soaring? We prepared some useful tips on what digital marketing strategies are alive and well and which ones might not be as good anymore and need to be either least prioritized or ousted from your daily practices.

Timeless and Working

1. Stand out and be different

While some companies already consider it to be slightly off, being original has never actually been bad. You can rely on the market analysis that still shows considerable viewer’s interest in the brands that look different and fresh. If you stand out, why would people go past you? Of course, they wouldn’t.

Think of either a competitive or visual advantage of your campaign that you can use: Create a good logo or a motto to keep your clients motivated to stick to you. Think about the possible larger implications for your business and remember that brand name is everything.

2. Social media is your friend

2 billion people currently use Instagram and Facebook, so why lose such an opportunity? Naturally, advertising on such websites is frequently blocked through different apps, but why stopping there? You can attract influencers or your actual clients. Provide them with bonuses or different benefits to motivate them to share their experiences with your brand online.

While mere integrations may not be as helpful as you guess, do not hesitate to use live advertisements, i.e. advertising from a particular user or influencer. Make your company’s official page in these resources and remember to keep good feedback from your customers and actively discuss any novelties you have in store for them.

3. Building a brand

Yes, the product is all well and good, but what is your company, exactly? You will be surprised how often people Google where the particular product came from – its country of origin, its affiliation with megacorporations, its reliability, its key figures, and investment sources.

Isn’t it cheaper and more profitable to make yourself transparent and not wait until your competitors expose some of the info you wished to keep under rugs? Therefore, think about building not just a product everyone loves, but a brand with eco-friendly, social, innovative, or any other agenda that fits your purposes. Who knows, maybe you are the next big megacorporation so why not make its foundation solid in the first place?

4. Personalize what you are doing

According to Bloomingdale’s Retail to Travel and Hospitality report, more than 80% of customers prefer knowing a brand that offers a personalized experience. Think about the possibilities of how your brand can turn to each of the potential users and think about the competitive advantage of knowing your user and welcoming them back each time.

The same report also marked that up to 90% of consumers like sharing their behavioral data if any benefits originate from it. Think about making your own merch or offering personalized propositions to your returning customers. Your company should be recognizable not only from your visual style but from the services you are willing to provide constantly.

5. Reviews are helpful

Yes, you heard it right, people love hearing what other customers say about it. Encourage your clients to leave feedback and listen to them carefully. Placing the user’s score on your website is a good idea to provide your client’s initial credibility. InterServer, the company that provides unlimited resources for the sites’ protection and boosting, values its client’s opinions on their performance and stability.

Thus, it is free to provide reviews and expert opinions for its potential clients to read and estimate. The InterServer reviews on its initial page assist its users to contribute to the brand’s development and change for the better with every next task. Think about how your customers can equally benefit from the development of your company’s website and place the reviews they are willing to share on its initial page. Though this type of persuading your audience in your goodwill seems outdated, it definitely works for the newcomers.

Non-Working and Outdated

As you can guess, these useful trends have their opposites that you will unlikely use. Still, a lot of companies actively do it and prevent themselves from finding their true popularity and their actual clients. So, what is wrong with the previously working things? Possibly, they are purely unethical and out of style. See for yourself.

1. Smear campaign

Even such giants as Facebook are not so clean from such approaches. Though Facebook denied the allegations in emails from Burson-Marsteller, the actual PR scandal made the community concerned about their data security after the Facebook officials started blaming Google for the leaks. Remember, that smear campaigns will definitely work both ways and equally decrease credibility in you and your company.

Equally, you should never rely on the borderline advertising methods, as a way-to-aggressive marketing campaign, spamming, constant reminders of yourself. This will equally serve you bad and your company will get extra negative attention.

2. Exaggerated/False promises

The infamous case of Call9 called the previously working and promising startup. This is something you will unlikely wish to have. Thus, the overpromising in Call9 in covering all the elderly patients in the State of New York caused major disappointment in the potentially promising startup that wished to do good in this world. Therefore, estimate your weak and strong sides avoiding promising the segment you are unable to fulfill.


As you can see, positive marketing strategies are timeless and will save your time and investment. In this perspective, you should predominantly focus on the creation of a positive image and largely avoid the negative associations with your brand. Focus on recognizability, profitability, and personalized user’s feedback on what you are doing.

In this perspective, digital marketing is not widely different from any other marketing type in its core. Prepare yourself for the extensive links and considerable contact with your potential customers as they are unlikely to be kept in the distance as you will certainly go online to keep your consumers updated on the advertising and actual innovations.


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