The 8 Unspoken Rules of Gaming Explained

Gaming etiquette is an important skill. Being aware of unspoken rules during and after play ensures even home events are fun and friendly. Otherwise, there could be chaos amidst a tense atmosphere of ill feelings.

  1. Following the Most Obscure Path

This rule applies to any game including first-person shooters. For instance, if a room is cleared of enemies, two exits may appear at the back wall. One represents a winding path while the other points to the next objective. Experienced players usually choose the obscure path as it could be littered with collectibles.

  1. Avoid Using Poor Quality Controllers

Gaming hardware such as controllers are quick to wear out. It’s polite for hosts to ensure all equipment is in great working order when inviting friends to play. Gamers quickly pass on a faulty controller, but it’s unfortunate for whoever has to use it. Prevent creating a bad atmosphere by checking equipment beforehand or asking everyone to bring their own controller.

  1. Observe Accepted Pathways

Gaming includes practices such as which side of a road character should travel upon. Gamers quickly earn a reputation for poor manners if they fail to observe such an obvious rule. It can also reflect badly on a team event.

  1. Don’t Talk During a Cut Scene

Gaming can be emotionally draining, particularly after battling through hours of hard work to achieve a coveted objective. As the cut scene is about to start, gamers love to take stock of their special moment. It’s important to respect every occurrence and keep vital news for later.

  1. Know when Characters are Off Limits

Some agents are in great demand, but in multi-player games, it’s more fun if everyone chooses a different champion. Hosts can help by taking on the best agent themselves. Alternatively, draw lots to work out who gets to choose first. If the best characters are taken, accept the opportunity to discover the talents of a less popular character.

  1. Typing ‘gg’ after Completing a Match

This simple rule demonstrates good sportsmanship. It shows how great the match has been even for the losers. Esports isn’t just about winning. It’s also an important part of enjoying high-quality fun. A friendly attitude should win popularity amongst gamers more effectively than complaining.

  1. Be Prepared to Take Turns

Hosting a home gaming night needs a responsible attitude toward sharing controllers. Be aware of how long each player has been in control and help them share out the action. Sharing is a great way to consolidate new and existing friendships.

  1. Be Patient

Some gamers may not be familiar with every game, so it’s important to be patient with newcomers. Take time to explain features, including scoring, and they’ll soon learn.


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