Top Vacation Rental Cleaning Apps

The Airbnb Host rating depends on many factors, one of which is the apartments’ cleanliness. Airbnb cares about guests’ comfort and therefore has strict cleaning requirements: on their blog, you can find a description of the 5 stages of preparing a room for guests.

High-quality cleaning takes a lot of time and effort because many Hosts do not do it themselves. A team of professionals can perfectly prepare a property for short-term rental for your clients, which is why cleaning services are top-rated. You can order it using applications.

Why is it so helpful? What are the best apps to use? Let’s talk about it.

Why You Should Use Airbnb Cleaning Software

To ensure your accommodation meets the needs of your guests, you can choose from a list of cleaning services that are right for you. They can range from basic tasks (changing bed linen, washing floors, changing towels, and cleaning horizontal surfaces) to more complex services (cleaning windows, carpets, kitchen utensils, and plumbing fixtures).

The application also allows you to set cleaning tasks using your smartphone: you can order services on the way to the office or while sitting with a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe. With just a few touches of the screen, professionals will set off to put your home in order.

Best Cleaning Software

Now that you know why you need cleaning software and how it can be helpful for rental property owners. Let’s talk about the top apps for room service


Here you can create a calendar of bookings from different real estate rental sites. You can automatically find specialists, choose a convenient time and approve the order.

The auto-pay feature will also be helpful. It would seem that manual payment does not take much time. However, if you calculate the time spent on paying for services during the month, you will lose several hours. With TurnoverBnB you save that time and don’t worry about forgetting to pay.

Thus, one application will allow the Hosts to be in touch with the entire cleaning team and maid service.

  • Main functions: Automatic Payments to Cleaners, Automatic Sync with Calendar, Mobile App for Hosts and Cleaners, Automatic Scheduling, and Customer Support.
  • Price: Free for 1 property. For each next price is $6/month/property.


The Hosty app provides the user with Airbnb task management software. You can easily manage tasks, giving control to the workflow.

The Airbnb Tasks Dashboard will display all of your tasks, whether they are current, completed, or scheduled. A set of filters will help to highlight those that are needed at the moment.

Also, in addition to the description, performer, and deadlines, you can set the task’s priority. The employee responsible for its implementation will receive a notification in the application at the specified time and, after following the instructions, will mark the action as completed.

It is very convenient for both single and recurring tasks.

  • Main functions: Multi-Calendar, Listing Management, Auto Messages, Auto Tasks, Team Management, and Report Management.
  • Price: $10/month for Hosty Basic, $15/month for Hosty Advance, and $20/month for Hosty Pro.


Doinn is an application that will select professional cleaning companies in your city. With one click, you can select the required set of services.

For example, you can choose a cleaning for a private house or a mid-stay cleaning and disinfection for a vacation rental. A wide range of formats makes it possible to scale and customize services to the needs of the Hosts.

  • Main functions: Software, Research & Selection of top quality vendors, Technical support, Flexible and online billing.
  • Price: individually for each program in a particular country and city.


Properly is a platform that offers an app with tips and turnkey solutions to improve your Airbnb in-app rankings. A library of useful skills will be at your disposal, which contains the best algorithms for teaching hospitality.

You can also order a remote inspection of your contractors: we will check how high-quality services are provided by the specialists you hire. For only $5 per job, Properly will ensure your cleaning team completes all of their tasks to the highest standards.

  • Main functions: Skills Library, Quality Tool, Remote cleaning inspection: live feedback, direct in-app chat feature, job reports, photo verification.
  • Price: Free for a basic plan, $ 11.99 for an advanced plan, individually for managers and companies.


A good cleaning is not only a professional housekeeping staff and high-quality detergents but also the daily setting of tasks and monitoring their implementation. Turnify takes care of these actions: setting tasks, sending notifications, keeping checklists, and more.

You can focus on other important tasks at this time, while Turnify will automatically perform various routine actions.

  • Main functions: Auto-scheduling, management for cleaners, attendance monitoring, smart checklists, task tracking, inventory tracking, multi-listing hosts, etc.
  • Price: $12 per property/month (Turnify) or $10 per cleaning (Turnify+). The service also offers Enterprise Plans at an individual price.

TIDY app

TIDY is a platform where you can order cleaning for your rental property. The algorithm of the application is straightforward:

  • Choose the tasks you need to complete. Describe your needs in as much detail as possible.
  • A professional cleaner near you will approve your order.
  • Specialists arrive on site and do the work.
  • You rate the result and optionally leave a tip.

A special advantage of TIDY is the automatic automation of the booking calendar, integration with PMS,

The possibility of long-term and short-term cooperation with cleaning agencies or invited specialists.

  • Main functions: Finding a cleaning specialist near you. The user can choose the number of rooms and bathrooms to be cleaned, as well as the frequency of cleaning (once, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Price: A commission is charged on each order. A trust and support fee is added to the price for each booking, which includes the costs of specialist verification, maintenance, and insurance.

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